Customer Stories To Die For

Great As Lead Magnets, Even Better For Sales

If you’ve got happy customers and a brand worth fighting for, we will help you identify, optimize and leverage the hidden stories in your business.  

We use video snippets and text to create compelling customer case histories and branded stories for your website, email list, and social media platforms. (You can use them with paid ads too.)

Once done, we will show you how to leverage the heck out of them to generate more leads and sales. One-stop-shop – we do it all for you.

Great for outbound sales, inbound marketing, customer retention, word of mouth, team training, recruitment, and authority building.

Remember this: people remember stories long after facts and figures have been forgotten.

Four Powerful Ways to Use Them

Build Your Authority

Incorporate them in a white paper, in magazines, discuss in podcasts, and whatever else takes your fancy.  The goal is to demonstrate competence.   

Generate Leads

Promote them on Social Media, your website, to your email list, via ads, to current clients (to stimulate referrals), and use them as lead magnets. 

Make Sales

Feature them on sales calls, in email follow-up, and ramp up your social ads.  If you have a sales team, turn them on to the power of these tools.   

Inspire Your Team

Your team includes almost everyone who has contact with the public.  Even if they’re not in sales roles, prospects will pick up on their belief. 

Why You Need 'Em

Um, well, if we have to convince you, you’ve landed on the wrong page. But if you need us to remind you, here goes:

  • People love to read success stories, especially triumph over adversity stories. Feel the pain, then rejoice in the customer’s discovery of a better way to solve their problem.
  • But you don’t just need case studies; you need a kick-butt strategy to leverage the Dickens out of them. Package them in different ways: for your sales team (or you, if you’re solo); lead hooks; credibility builders (for your website etc.); a source of new organic traffic (YouTube, Google). Or use them in ad campaigns.
  •  Case studies that focus on outcomes as much as processes – on the transformation, not just the result – are bound to impact the reader significantly.

But hear this:

Case Studies and Customer Stories Are Hard to Do Well

Damn hard. Tried to thread a needle in the dark lately? Harder than that.

And it’s not just about writing well. It’s also about interviewing customers by phone or Zoom and getting to the nub of the matter.

Why did they have the problem and can you describe their journey? Include elements like problem clarity, the decision to do something about it, setbacks along the way, and ultimate success.

That’s why we do it for you. It’s not wise for you (or one of your team members) to do it. You’re too close, and customers are unlikely to spill the beans, warts and all. You need to hear the bad stuff, too – even happy customers will have a few suggestions on making their experience better. 

Learn from it.

And what about buy-in? How do you get customers to embrace the concept and be willing participants in this project? Let us help you do that.

Stop Monkeying About - Hire Case Study Monkey

We focus on creating customer case studies and stories, plus content revolving around your brand’s Story.

From initial discussions to enabling customer buy-in to finished formats to repurposing for different platforms (website, PDF downloads, social media, etc.), we’re here for you to make things happen.

And we’re not just writers. We’re sales pros – we’ve sold millions of dollars of products and services on our own account. We know what we’re doing.

Try us out for just one Case Study and see how good we are. You’d be nuts if you don’t.


Type of Case Studies

There are short and long-form case studies. Full format case studies are ideal for those in buying mode and who want lots of meaty information. 

Short-form case studies are an excellent way to stimulate initial interest. Both have their roles, but a short case study can’t replace a long format.

Short Case Studies.  Ideal for email outreach, social posts, capture page teasers, and social media ads. Maximum 500 words. 

Long Case Studies. Ideal as lead magnets, blog posts, and website offers (PDF download); for sales teams (use them as closing tools), conference and seminar handouts, team training, recruitment hooks, and repurposing into testimonials. Maximum 1,500 words.

Ideal for:

  • Lead magnets
  • Blog content
  • Sales tools for your sales team
  • Seminar and conference handouts
  • Staff training
  • Enhanced team loyalty
  • Repurposing into testimonials

An example of a short-form case study is below.  

An example of a mini case study.

Too Much Monkey Business – Our Process Explained

Creating a potent case study is not just about content creation; putting metaphorical pen to paper and writing copy. When it comes to case study creation, there are many moving parts, the most important of which are listed here:

1. BuyIn From You

To maximize results, you should be on board with the project. It’s not enough to say, ‘it’s a good idea, let’s give it a go’. Instead, be an enthusiastic advocate prepared to prosecute the case to key stakeholders.

2. BuyIn From Customers

The last thing you (or we) want is to pressure customers/clients to consent to be interviewed by us. It’s better to invoke the concept of WIIFM – what’s in it for me? We will show you how to do it so selected customers see a ‘win’ for themselves, thereby ensuring they’ll be enthusiastic participants in the project.

3. Research

We research in three ways:

  1. We interview you
  2. We interview the customer
  3. Other research as determined 

By the time we start writing your Case Study, you can be sure we have been well briefed and are crystal clear on how to put it together.

4. The Interview

Forensic questioning, excellent listening skills, and a non-threatening communication style are part of the deal with us. 

Your customers are safe with us. In fact, they’ll enjoy the experience and will feel honored that you’ve chosen them to participate.

5. Writing Your Customer Story

We will write up to four drafts and deliver the final version to you via Google Docs. We will also provide early drafts and ask for feedback, so we can further refine the story.

6. Packaging and Repurposing

This is an optional service, but leveraging the text in various ways can ramp up your ROI. Examples include:

  • Customized and branded PDFs
  • Slide decks
  • HTML pages
  • Social media graphics
  • Audiograms

Here is an example of a case study we did for an Australian Accountant….


We will record a full customer interview full of gold nuggets and share-worthy quotes.

After editing the video, we’ll extract video snippets that you can use on social media platforms and elsewhere. Each video snippet lasts for one to two minutes, and a typical customer interview will yield 5 – 7 snippets.

We overlay each video with a catchy heading and subtitles.

The full video interview can be loaded to your YouTube channel or website.

An optional extra is for us also to write the supporting text. A video without supporting text is less effective than displaying both. The objective of the text is to sell visitors on watching the video.

An example of a video snippet that has been optimized with a heading and sub-titles.