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Who Are We

We are passionate marketers, story tellers, and sometime geeks.

Our Mission

Make a significant impact in your business, both in the short and long term.

What We Do

Simply put, we help you attract more premium clients using online methods.

How Can We Help You?

We focus on three things: Precise Targetting, Authority Positioning and Demand Generation.  Create an authoritative aura, target the right people on the right basis, then marry it to a Demand Gen strategy.  Result?  A steady flow of warm enquiries and empowering conversations with quality people.   

Funnels That Sell

Visitors enter the top of the funnel. Leads, appointments, and sales flow out the bottom. Ok it's a bit more complicated than that, but that's all you'll see. We’ll handle the detail so you don’t have to. Peace.

Websites That Sell

Yes, our websites look good. But you need more than a pretty website. You need a site that brings in leads on autopilot, even when you sleep. Methods can include content makeover, lead magnets, and a blog.

Case Studies That Sell

Pretty graphics and design are not enough. People need compelling information to persuade them to take the next step. The key is to match message with market, and demonstrate competence.

Tribes That Buy

Generate FREE leads by leveraging social media platforms like Facebook. We can help you build a tribe of TRUE FANS. When it happens, conversions usually increase exponentially.

Emails That Sell

We will help you formulate a sales focussed campaign. We’ll write the content and help you segment your list using precise targeting techniques. No list? No problem - we’ll help you create one.

Coaching & Support

Some people want to handle the implementation of the strategies themselves. No problem. We can give you personal coaching support and guide you each step of the way.

Our Story

Hey, I’m Damien Willis.  The other guy is Kim Willis (yeah, he’s my Dad). He was an offline (belly to belly) salesman-marketer for like FOREVER.  But in 2006 he switched to the online world. Since then he’s sold millions of dollars of products online, as an affiliate marketer.  Good onya Dad.  Today his main thing is ‘building profitable online communities’.  He uses organic ‘free‘ strategies to build tribes of TRUE FANS and hot leads.  He can probably do the same thing for you.  Talk to him – he’ll blow you away.

Me? I’m also an online marketer.  But whereas Kim is the organic warm audience guy, my thing is digital sales funnels, websites, email marketing, and Facebook ads.  I back it up with plenty of tech skills. So if you run Facebook ads, I can probably help you get more leads for less outlay (people often waste a lot of money on FB ads).  I can also optimize your Facebook page and website for higher conversions. And don’t forget email campaigns. Proper segmentation PLUS great email content – BOOM! Talk soon, yeah?



Email Campaign Generates $200,000 In Sales For Ticket Seller  

Our client (in Australia) runs an eCommerce website selling tickets to various sporting and music events.  They had also built a useful mailing list (email), but they hadn't fully leveraged this core asset.

So, we structured an email campaign designed to stimulate subscribers.  Result? $200k+ of additional ticket sales that would have been left on the table.

One Hundred Sales For Food Delivery Business (From 'Dead' Email List)

We helped our client leverage their existing email list.  The list had been badly neglected. Using a combination of precise targeting, effective creative input, and a small Facebook ad targeting strategy, 100+ new customers were produced.  

The immediate dollar value of these sales was more than $10k . Because many of these customers are continuing to order today, the potential lifetime value means significantly higher sales will flow as time rolls by.


Meet the team





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What clients say

"I’m a bit afraid to tell people how good Damien is because he'll be so in-demand that I might not be able to access his services anymore. But the truth is that he’s a brilliant operator, he’s smart, efficient and trustworthy. He helped us deliver incredible outcomes to our clients. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to skyrocket their email marketing results.”
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Joel Gerschman
Mindful Entrepreneur

Want more leads and sales for your business?​

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