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Just the Ticket. How We Added a $315k Revenue Boost to Queen of Tickets


Queen of Tickets is an eCommerce company selling tickets to music, sporting, and theatrical events. They’d been operating for many years and had sold over a million dollars in tickets through their website, but weren’t doing any email marketing. 

They knew how important email marketing was for increasing conversions and repeat purchases, but weren’t sure where to start. Damien Willis was approached to design and setup their email marketing from scratch.

What Did We Do?

Using customer lists, we setup a re-activation campaign that incentivised past customers to visit the website and shop for tickets. We also used lead capture technology to generate more leads with strategically placed offers – taking advantage of the traffic their website receives. After they signed up they would receive their offer plus a series of emails to nurture a relationship.

Since Queen of Tickets’ inventory is always changing, we also sent a regular newsletter designed to sell tickets to the latest events, supported by relevant blog content.

What Happened?

The re-activation campaign and newsletters started producing revenue almost immediately. Email became their highest converting channel by some margin.

To date an extra $315,000 in revenue was added to their bottom line – revenue that didn’t exist before email marketing was setup.

Imagine adding a highly profitable revenue stream to your business.

Let us do for you what we did for Queen of Tickets.

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Joel Gerschman


“I’m a bit afraid to tell people how good Damien is because he’ll be so in-demand that I might not be able to access his services anymore. But the truth is that he’s a brilliant operator, he’s smart, efficient and trustworthy. He helped us deliver incredible outcomes to our clients. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to skyrocket their email marketing results.”

Want to learn more about how we think?

Our co-founder and Chief Copy Dude (CCD), Kim Willis, occasionally writes website copy teardowns, and how-to’s about making your online messaging more persuasive.   Check this one and this one – learn smart ways to leverage existing pages on your website.  Or you can check out some of the other content he’s published here.

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One Hundred New Customers. Simply Delish.


We helped Australian company Delish Deliveries leverage one of their email lists. But there was a small problem. The company hadn’t emailed the list for a long time; it was all but dead.

A dead list is normally useless: any relationship that may have existed previously has been broken. Delish was no different. In fact, they were in a quandary – should they abandon email marketing, or try again? Fortunately, they took the latter option. 

What Did We Do?

After making contact with us we formulated a simple plan. The goal was to rectify things by breathing new life into their dying list.

First up we segmented their list by using precise targeting techniques. We then created a series of laser targetted email messages for each list segment. Each email included a killer offer plus a strong call to action.

Finally, we installed a small Facebook ad retargeting strategy to reinforce the email campaign.

Results Speak For Themselves

The short campaign delivered more than 100+ new customers.  The immediate dollar value of these sales was more than $ 10,000. Because many of these customers are continuing to submit orders, higher sales will flow as time rolls by.

The emails we wrote for Delish Deliveries are still bringing in customers today and get extremely high open and engagement rates.

The Takeout For You

If you’ve got an established or fledgling business, book a call. We’ll do a quick diagnostic and find out what’s going on in your business. And we’ll look at how to leverage existing assets, including your customer and lead lists, which will include the use of email marketing strategies.

No need to spend more money on advertising; you’ve probably got plenty of upside potential within your existing business framework.

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Blacksmith Forging New Sales Opportunities From Better Data


Paul Leacock, Directer of Blacksmith Limited NZ knew how important a good CRM setup is for spotting opportunities, winning deals, and reducing churn.

Paul had a problem—his digital tools weren’t talking to each other and he was spending too much time keeping them up to date. Worse, he had poor visibility of lead activity, and felt they were potentially missing out on opportunities.

Blacksmith was launching a major new branding initiative and wanted to focus on its promotion. But Paul was worried they would be wasting too much time and energy updating their tools. Without a strong CRM setup, his big plans for new campaigns could be wrecked by a leaky funnel.

What Did We Do?

We integrated ActiveCampaign, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, and their WordPress website with their CRM, Insightly. This meant they could get an overview of a contact’s activity from Insightly CRM – eg. if a contact clicked a link from a newsletter sent by ActiveCampaign, it would show up on their contact record in Insightly. At the same time we overhauled ActiveCampaign to ready for marketing the new brand.

We also setup leadscoring based on contact engagement. So if a prospect was engaging with Blacksmith’s emails and website, their “leadscore” would go up. If they hit a certain number, Paul would be notified.

Less Stress, More Focus

The company had more data. They could monitor lead activity, which produced more opportunities for sales. The company was now in a position to contact the most active leads, thereby optimising the chances of securing new clients. Paul also experienced a significant reduction in the amount of administration work so he could focus on his duties as Director.

BlackSmith NZ have hit 2020 running, successfully launching and promoting the new brand, confident they won’t miss sales opportunities.

The Takeout For You

If you’re wasting too much time on your digital tools, banging your head against a wall trying to make them work, book a call. We’ll do a quick diagnostic and find out what’s going on. And we’ll look at how to reduce admin time, while revealing more sales opportunities in your business.

No need to spend so much time and frustration on admin; you’ve got better things to focus on.