Words That Sell 14. Zen Roofing With Glen Stamper

Innovative Strategies for Trades and Other Service-Based Businesses


Glen Stamper runs Zen Roofing in Brisbane, Australia. He started the business when the company he was working for closed down. As Glen says, ‘One door closes, and another opens.’

Not just another roofing business. Glen knows that it doesn’t matter how good a job his team is at installing roofs.  The key – as always – is to generate leads and make sales. That’s why he has introduced several marketing-oriented innovations. We talk about them on the podcast.

Have a look st some of the topics:

  1. Don’t Sell, Educate Instead.  The role of education in the marketing mix is often underestimated.  We talk about this issue and Glen shares some of the clever things he does to educate prospective clients about the roofing industry in general, and his business specifically.
  2. Making a Difference With Videos.  Learn about Glen’s whiteboard animation video and how he uses it to convert leads into buyers.
  3. The Power Of Google Reviews.  You need plenty of reviews to boost your credibility and Google rankings.
  4. Emotional TouchPoints.  Including keeping the customer’s yard clean and tidy at the end of each day, tradesmen picking up the chairs and stacking them neatly (after lunch), disposing of work rubbish, and his no swearing policy.  All of these things hit the spot for customers who usually have no idea about the technical aspects of installing a roof.  But they sit up and take notice when they see workmen behaving professionally.
  5. The Role of Customer Gifts.  But not just any gift – the gift has to be a valuable ‘keeper’.
  6. Glen’s Value System.  Including Respect, Teamwork, and Communication.
  7. Customer Problems and Complaints.  How Glen handles them.
  8. Fav Ways to Generate Leads.  Including Google Local and his Facebook boosted post strategy.
  9. The Role of Stories in Marketing.  Glen shares some of his plans for the future including transforming his website into a story based platform.

Connect with Glen here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenroofing.com.au

Website: https://www.zenroofing.com.au