How to Use Blog Commenting to Gain Instant Credibility


How to Use Blog Commenting to Gain Instant Credibility

Here is a simple way to boost your credibility, your traffic, and your leads.

Have I got your attention now?

Good because the strategy I’m going to show you will do all of this and more.  The name of the strategy is blog commenting. Blog commenting forms part of a suite of networking strategies that many modern bloggers use on a daily basis.

How Blog Commenting Works

It’s quite straightforward – find some blogs you like, then comment on their latest post.

When you leave a noteworthy comment on someone else’s blog, you invoke the Law of Reciprocity.  Human nature being what it is, some of the blogs you comment on will produce a comment on your blog.  Will everyone leave a comment on your blog?  No. Some bloggers aren’t active on the networking front – all they do is post their content and leave it at that.

Should you stop commenting on someone’s blog if they don’t return the favor?  Not necessarily.  If you’re leaving valuable comments on their blog, other visitors will notice it and may check you out and leave a comment.

The other point is that if you are commenting on authority blogs, you should revisit the blog each week and make more comments.  Sooner or later the owner will notice you.  You can supplement this activity by sharing their content and let them know you did it. Following them (and interacting with them, when appropriate) on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ will also help get you noticed by the heavy weights in your niche.

As you can see this is a networking strategy, and connecting and engaging with others is key to your future online success.   So, take the long view and get yourself noticed.

How to Become Great at Blog Commenting

1. Find Your Niche Specific Blogs

If you’re new to blogging, you need to find the movers and shakers in your niche.  An easy way to do it is to perform a Google search for niche specific blogs. To start, you need just one or two blogs because when you visit them you can check who their commenters are and follow some of them too.

When I got started on the blog commenting journey a few months ago, I created a list of 20+ bloggers to follow so that I could interact with them.  You can do the same.

2.  Read the Blog Post

You need to read the post!  Don’t just skim it – read it thoroughly, so you get the real meaning and intent of their post.  Besides you may learn something valuable!

3. Leave a Valuable Comment

Take a minute or two to decide on the type of comment you want to write.  I will often select one or two key points in the blog post and then write about them.

When you reply you should always give credit to the writer, and don’t be overly promotional yourself.  You’re on their turf, so it’s not cool to beat your drum in an overt or aggressive way.

Also, avoid the temptation to make your comment too short.  Yes, it saves time but you won’t get noticed.

Also, avoid platitudes and generalizations.  Remember the golden rule of marketing; specifics outsell generalities.  Rather than say something like ‘great post’ and leave it at that, you should tell readers why you thought it was a great article.

A champion commenter is Harleena Singh.  Here is a typical example of one of her comments:

blog commenter example 3

Other points to consider are:

  • Use Your Real Name and Add Your Pic.  Two essential ingredients in your relationship building program.
  • Address the Writer By Their First Name.  You are building relationships, right?
  • Keep Paragraphs Short. If you’re writing a longer comment, break the text into small paragraphs.
  • Larger Comments on High Traffic Blogs.  Look at a highly trafficked site as an opportunity to strut your stuff, so make your comment more copy intensive – almost like a mini-blog post.
  • Avoid Waffle and Platitudes.  Remove filler and words that don’t add value – you need to be ruthless about it!
  • Review Before Posting.  Check for typos and grammatical errors.

For more ideas see Adrienne Smith’s post on blog commenting.

Here is another example of great commenting from business consultant Don Purdum:

don purdum blog comment

Because of the sheer size of Don’s comment I had to cut it a bit (you can see it in full here), but this is a great example of a blog comment that stands out.  Notice how Don uses the opportunity to establish his competency and by extension, authority.

4. Always Comment on Your Commenters

If you diligently and efficiently comment on other blogs, you will get some reciprocation happening – for sure.  When this happens, it is important that you reply to each comment.  The best reply is one that is meaningful and complete.  This is particularly true if your commenter has left an excellent comment.


blog comment example

5. Promote Your Content on Social Media  Sites

The fact your are commenting on other people’s blogs will automatically promote your content because some people will want to check you out by visiting your site.  If the blog uses the Comment Luv plugin (like this blog), it will feature your latest post headline when you make a comment.  In my opinion, every blogger should install this plugin on their blog.

But you also need to do more to promote your content.  Posting on social media platforms is a good place to start.  So share your content on sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Stumble Upon
  • Google+

Proof That Blog Commenting Works

Take a look at my video.  This video will show you how my blog commenting activity gave this new blog instant credibility, as well as traffic and leads.  Enjoy!

The Downside of Blog Commenting

If there is a downside I would say that it’s somewhat time-consuming.  To do it properly you must read many posts a week, and then construct a meaningful response to those that you like.  It’s also an activity that’s not scalable for the simple reason that only you can do it – so don’t even think about outsourcing it!

That said, as a short to medium term strategy blog commenting is one of the best.

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Your Turn – Time to Comment!

Are you incorporating blog commenting in your overall marketing mix?

If so how is it working for you?

If you’re not doing it can you see merit in embracing the blog commenting strategy in your own business?

Make a comment below!


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25 thoughts on “How to Use Blog Commenting to Gain Instant Credibility”

  1. Hey Kim,
    My blog is where it is today thanks to blog commenting. I know we met through a recommendation in an ebook but blog commenting has taken our relationship to this level.

    You’ve mentioned some really great bloggers I knew throw blog commenting. Harleena, for instance is a figure everyone knows. Her comments most often will be a challenge to the post she comments on.

    Adrienne, of course is a great icon in the industry. Don is someone I listen to when it comes to growing my business.

    All these guys (and many others) are my strong friends, thanks to blog commenting. While it helps gain instant credibility, it helps your blog grow, gain traffic and more business.

    Now, your 5 points at becoming great at blog commenting are top. Some folks think they are just going to jump on any blog and drop a comment. they may do that with some results but I think better results come in when you focus on your niche.

    Of course, you can’t drop any reasonable comment without reading the blog post. People skim and end up making mistakes in the comment. I see that a lot but the way to avoid this is to take your time and read the article before ever making a comment.

    Thanks for an awesome post. Hope you are set for a wonderful weekend

    1. Hi Enstine

      Great to see you here again!

      Yes, you are right. We first met as a result of a mutual recommendation from Ryan Biddulph. But it was the blog commenting that made the relationship stronger.

      There is no doubt in my mind that some of the connections I’m making will lead to some excellent relationships in the future. You have built many strong relationships in the blogging community, and blog commenting has helped enormously.

      So all I’m doing is playing follow the leader. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when we have people like you, Adrienne, Ryan, Don and many others who are showing the way.

      Thanks again, Enstine!


  2. Hi Kim!

    You got it. A lot of people discredit blog commenting as a traffic tool but really it’s so much more than that. Sure, you get a few visits from people clicking on your name or your CommentLuv link, but there’s so much more to it.

    I didn’t really start growing until I took time to network with other influencers in my market, much of this was done initially through blog commenting.

    It is true that blog commenting can be rather time consuming but I see it as time very well spent. When you are able to leverage the hard work other marketers have used to build up an audience, you’re able to reach a lot of new people very quickly. Much of my audience has come not only from comments I’ve left on somebody’s website, but the opportunities those comments have brought me over an extended period of time – interviews, guest posts, expert roundups, etc.

    Before I put myself out there and really started building relationships with other marketers, I had to go out and find every person myself. Now, people are finding me.

    Glad you talked about this Kim, I think blog commenting is still very undervalued as a traffic, credibility, and networking tool.
    – James McAllister

    1. Hi James

      Yes, you are right. Blog commenting plus networking is powerful. No doubt about it.

      A good strategy for newbies to follow is to start with blog commenting, and then look for active people who are also doing the same thing. Some of those people may visit and leave a comment on the newbies blog. But even if they don’t they can reach those people by making some comments on their blog, and then connecting with them on Facebook, or other platforms.

      Your point about leveraging the commenting activity into other opportunities such as guest posting, roundups and interviews is a great one too.

      In my former life as a direct sales affiliate marketer, I used to think that the way to generate traffic and leads was to buy advertising. But people don’t need to do that. They can save their money and use organic methods instead. Blog commenting is an excellent way to start.

      Thanks again, James!


  3. Hi Kim,

    What a wonderful post on blog commenting and it is the best way to fly. We meet so many people using this method and we get to know like and trust them.

    It is not a good idea to skim posts as you might miss the most important part. Leave a value driven comment in the form of a mini post.

    We do leave comments and go back to their blog and comment there too and share on social media is practicing the Law of Reciprocity.

    I love blog commenting as I am meeting some of the coolest people on the face of this planet, gaining instant credibility.

    It is a great idea to visit blog posts once a week and leave a valuable comment and we see these people returning the favor even though it is time consuming. It’s well worth it.

    Thank you for sharing, Kim and you have a wonderful week!


    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your kind comments, and great to see you here again.

      Yes, you are right blog commenting is a great way to meet people with common interests. It also adds to our credibility as you said.

      Although blog commenting can be time-consuming, few other marketing activities will produce better results than blog commenting.

      Thanks again Linda


  4. Hi there Kim and thans for sharing your awesome experiences with blog commenting.

    It was not that long ago when I considered blog commenting as a way to drive traffic to my blog.

    Boy did I get that wrong. Firstly as you so rightly pointed out blog commenting must never be outsourced and must always show respect and understanding. In other words by your comments show the blog owner that you have in fact read the darn post and not just copied a few words from other people’s comments (something I was not guilty of btw).

    Secondly we should never consider “blog commenting” as a way to “drive traffic” – that mindset is definitely not conducive to providing value in your comments.

    Rather we should have a blog commneting mindset that is all about “attraction marketing” and “attracting traffic” as in this way you will always be wanting to create comments that are of high value and authentic so that they may stand out and attract not only the blog owner but also the other commentators.

    The traffic you attract using this blog commenting midnset is far more likely to like what you have to say, become a regular member of your blog community and as your trust relationship builds, may one day become a customer of yours.

    Appreciated the great case studies/examples you used to illustrate your points Kim – very impressed and learned a great lesson right there.

    Thanks again for this share mate

    All the best from a remote Thai village


    1. Hi Peter

      Thanks for your comments

      Once again you are right on all points

      Done correctly blog commenting is a great to to drive traffic and leads, but not in the way it has been portrayed in the past. It is not about link building and seo, but much more about relationship building and networking. As we extend our influence wide and deep, people become much more likely to do business with us. This is on the proviso that we continue to create valuable content, and continue with our blog networking activities, including blog commenting.

      Most bloggers need to recallibrate their thinking about blogging and how to prosper from it. Once done they can then move forward and build a solid income directly and indirectly from their blog.

      Thanks for dropping by once again Peter


  5. I have been starting to network with as many people as possible within my niche and the results are fantastic!

    I know a lot of bloggers can feel discouraged because few people read there blog posts and even fewer comment. It makes you question your writing abilities and your entire project and that slows down progress. Then, one person comes a long and leaves a little comment on one of your articles and suddenly everything changes; now you have someone to impress. I found that I feel a little boost of encouragement whenever I receive a comment, I get excited.

    So, why not let other people feel that feeling too? Go out of your way to leave nice comments on websites, even if they’re not popular and there’s nothing in it for you; maybe that one comment will make someone’s day and you never know who’s behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad I landed on this website!

    1. Hi Timothy

      Great to see you here!

      And thanks for your comments too. It’s great to connect with another blogger who is having a great experience with blog commenting, just like me.

      Comments on our blog posts do impress people. Just yesterday I was talking on the phone to a guy who had what I call a ‘dead blog’ – no engagement, no sharing, no life. Then I showed him this new blog of mine. He couldn’t believe it, and yes he was impressed!

      Thanks again Timothy


  6. Hey Kim,

    Well you definitely know this is one of my all time favorite topics.

    I think most people approach blog commenting as a way to drive traffic to their blogs. Most don’t have success with that due to the fact that they’ve been taught to just leave short comments and drop links. I guess probably five or six years ago that somewhat worked but certainly not today.

    If only more people understood the power behind this method then I think more would dive in. Of course you did mention that it’s time consuming and you’re so right but the way I like to look at this is that it’s the relationships that can be built due to these efforts and not just stopping by and sharing your thoughts. That’s how it begins of course but we all know we can’t build our business or our following alone. We need people to spread the word about us and get in front of audiences we never would have been able to without their help and support.

    That’s what blog commenting can do for you and it’s never a waste of time in my opinion. I really appreciate you sharing my post on that topic too Kim, thank you so much.

    All of your points are spot on and if they follow what you’ve shared here they’ll be on their way as well. Oh and I do hope they take you up on that free call. Spending time talking with you will benefit them greatly.

    Enjoy your day and your week, great post and off to share.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Great to see you again!

      You are so right. Blog commenting is not about traffic, backlinks and seo. Yet, many persist with this view. But they miss the big picture – a picture that is all about networking, connecting, and relationship building. I was a bit late joining the party, but I’m so glad that the penny finally dropped a few months ago (a couple of metaphors there for ya!).

      I think it’s funny how people like me and millions of other thought that somehow the internet was different. We thought that we could defy the rules of business because the internet was somehow different. But the Internet is just a platform, nothing more. Just as the rules of business in the offline world are about networking, connecting and relationships, so it is with the internet. Why oh why did it take so long for so many people to understand that? Anyway, better late than never and for me it’s a case of ‘onwards and upwards.’

      Once again I want to thank you for your enormous contribution to the cause of online marketing, done properly.

      Thanks, Adrienne,


  7. Hi Kim,

    I really started to enjoy my blogging when I got the hang of commenting – both the giving and the receiving sides of it. Before that, it was a miserable solitary existence and I didn’t even know if anyone was reading my blogs or not.

    At first when I started commenting I felt I had nothing to contribute, but as my online experience has grown, so has my commenting ability – and of course we can often relate “life” stories that illustrate a point, even without much online experience.

    I’ve made some great relationships, and even received paid work, as a result of blog commenting – so yes…. definitely part of my marketing strategy.


    1. Hi Joy,

      Great to hear of your successes with blog commenting.

      Nice to get some fee income just from blog commenting – it certainly validates the value of the strategy.

      You’re right about using life stories. We’ve all got our own unique life story that we bring to the table. As you say it’s a good way to illustrate a point, and by using them it also makes us seem more human, and therefore, helps to draw people closer to us.

      Thanks Joy!


  8. Hi Kim,

    A lot has been said about the benefits and importance of effective blog commenting to the growth of a blog, yet this topic seems never come to an end of discussion.

    This proves the importance of it, and why it can never be forgotten in the process of building a blog popularity, growth, exposure, leads, relationships, SEO, etc…

    I like your concluding part of this article where you had share a bit side of its disadvantage. Is good to see people tell it as it is…rather than teaching only the best side of the story, is better to let beginners know is not all that easy with blog commenting.

    You need to dedicate time to it, don’t outsource it….or you risk damaging your reputation.

    Thanks Kim, first time reading your blog. Between, I’ll like to see your name next to your avatar next time I visit – admin is not ideal.

    1. Hi Shamsudeen,

      Thanks for your helpful comments!

      Yes, all strategies have an upside and a downside, so it’s important to mention the downside too. Blog commenting is a work program, and as you say if we outsource it, there is a very real risk that our reputation will be damaged.

      So we just have to buckle down and do the work consistently – daily if possible. If we do that we will get some reciprocation happening, but subject to this proviso – our content has to be good too. If not, bloggers will not feel confident about leaving comments on our blogs.

      Thanks too for your suggestion about the Avatar. It’s a new blog, and we’re still sorting out various details, so will fix that one for sure.

      Thanks again


  9. Hi, Kim.

    Your headline and points are spot on. I can tell you from my own experience that when I don’t get around to blogging and promoting, most of my traffic comes as a result of my commenting. And it really does build instant credibility.

    You made a good point about supplementing commenting with sharing the post. A lot of people either forget or don’t think to do that, but not only does it help the blogger, but also the commenter, as their comments are also shared indirectly. Again, I have experienced the benefit of that.

    Thanks, Kim for sharing this important information. Tweeting soon.


    1. Hey, thanks Nathan!

      Yes, sharing represents the other side of the coin. As you say it benefits the blogger but it also benefits us by giving our valuable comments additional exposure. But more than this: it gives commenters an aura of impartiality which can lead to the worthy attainment of trusted advisor status.

      Thanks for dropping by, Nathan


  10. I’ve been using Pinterest for about 2 years. But there is lack of traffic from pinterest.. My question is What’s Pinterest Sharing Aim’s For?Please clarify my doubt.

    1. Hi Sneha

      I’m new to Pinterest but if you’re creating good content and posting it in a graphical form, you will get followers and views. In that sense, it’s no different to other social media platforms.

      Are you creating valuable content and pins?


  11. Great post here with a lot of good points about blog commenting. I would say that it is very important to read what others are saying, just so that you have an idea of what people are interested in. Leaving a comment is a great way to let someone know that you took the time to see what they have to say.

    Keep up the great work here and live unstoppable!

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Great to see you here!

      Yes, you are right. People can’t be effective at blog commenting unless they’ve read the post first. It does take extra time and effort, for sure. But the payoff is that the comments will now be authentic based on an improved understanding of what the author was saying. Influencers and others will pick up on this – soon enough relationship opportunities will open up.

      Thanks again, Rhonda


  12. Is there a better way to gain credibility without having your own blog? Thanks for sharing this great article Kim, I clicked on a link from someone else’s blog to get here and read your article. It’s pretty much how I find all the articles I comment on these days, as the comments show you who a person really is, and it’s here they write just for you, and not their ideal customers.

    1. Hi Sarah

      Thanks for dropping by. I look forward to visiting your blog too.

      You ask a good question. I’m not sure if there’s a better way to do it than a blog – at least in the online world. But of course, there are offline strategies that work great too. I guess it comes down to choosing your poison!

      Thanks again


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