The Pathway to Thought Leadership

Susan Trivers, Impact Pricing and Thought Leadership  

Join Kim Willis and Impact Pricing Specialist Susan Trivers as they explore ideas about pricing initiatives and the role of Thought Leadership in growing a business.

Topics covered are as follows:

  1. The pathway to thought leadership.
  2. The role of “heart and soul” in thought leadership.
  3. Don’t set out to become a thought leader.
  4. Push back against the status quo (for true thought leadership).
  5. Her favorite client acquisition methods.
  6. The meaning of Impact Based Pricing.
  7. Why value-based pricing doesn’t work.
  8. And much more.

Thought leadership is not just about being a Subject Matter Expert.

You automatically become a thought leader if you satisfy these requirements:

  1. You have an idea, method, or system that changes lives.
  2. You have a clear point of view (and know that it may antagonise some).
  3. You have a “heart and soul” commitment to prosecute the case for change.

Anyway, watch the video, and leave a comment.

P.S. Do you have a “heart and soul” commitment to improving lives?


ABOUT Susan Trivers

For years Susan believed she was only good at the humanities. 

She got restless in that field and enrolled for an MBA. She was surprised to discover that she loved economics and finance. 

After receiving her MBA, she taught finance and economics as an adjunct professor for five years.  Susan thought she’d try working for others, but three jobs and three separations later, she knew her calling was business ownership. 

She owned a small local café, which gave her a new education: what to sell, how to attract your market, and how to make money.   few years later, Susan sold it for a small profit and has been a consultant ever since.

Her specialty is professional and business services firms with revenue between $1 million and $10 million.  These firms have many opportunities, and there’s no room for mistakes if the owners want to create a business that provides a good living and builds value. 

Susan helps owners adopt the principle that people should get paid for the life-changing differences they deliver to their clients. 

She coined the name IMPACT Based Pricing to describe this pricing model.  

Susan’s Special Offer:

For anyone who has listened to the podcast, Susan offers a 30-minute complimentary conversation.  Please send an email request to [email protected]





ABOUT Kim Willis

Kim Willis cut his teeth in the direct sales industry.

Starting at age 19, he sold books door to door. Other ventures followed, but one of the keys to success was his ability to bring ideas, concepts, and products to life through compelling storytelling.

When he joined the world of online marketing in 2006, he brought his belly-to-belly sales skills to the digital table.   Within a month, he created a full-time income as a newly hatched affiliate marketer.

Since then, he has personally sold millions of dollars of products and services.

If you’re a consultant, coach, agency, or other expert targetting SMBs, talk to Kim. He will help you smooth the peaks and troughs in your cash flow by establishing a sales pipeline via LinkedIn and other platforms.

How Kim Can Help You Become a Thought Leader

Here are two ways he can help:

1). Content Coaching

If you are committed to creating thought leadership content, use Kim as a content guide, muse and ideas generator.

2). Done For You Content

Using our ghostwriting service, we will create content in your voice based on your ideas.  We do this via our Brain Dump method; we interview you once or twice a month and extract your ideas, stories, anecdotes and epiphanies.  Your sole time investment is just 90 minutes a month, and it’s done.





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