The Art of Influencer Marketing For Solopreneurs and Small Business

There are several ways for businesses to acquire customers but marketers have confessed that the most effective and successful way that is fastest growing is influencer marketing. It can also be effectively used by solopreneurs and small businesses. By the way, some of the tools for doing influencer marketing are free or at low cost. The author put together this blog piece to help businesses that are on a budget and want to be successful in influencer marketing. But first, what is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a throwback to word of mouth marketing that builds trust. Influencer marketing is online marketing that emphasizes on consumers trusting other consumers rather than trusting brands. This is somewhat reasonable to expect because people are bombarded with ads and media messages at an enormous rate every day. Also, in the online world, the key to being successful in influencing people is trust. That is what influencers seek to do. These are people who have discovered how to reach people through social media, have built their credibility over the years, and possess skills in sales and communication that resonates with people. Influencers have authority and brands want to capitalize on that.

Key Takeaways:

  • Influencer marketing is big and influential and a study has shown that 28 percent of marketers believe that among all customer acquisition methods, it is the fastest growing.
  • Influencer marketing works for all types of businesses, and even for solopreneurs and small businesses because it can be done free and with low-cost tools.
  • The most powerful form of marketing that started when people started doing marketing is word of mouth marketing and it is still so today.

“And yet, a study shows an increase of 325% in Google searches for “influencer marketing” in one year, which confirms the growing popularity of the strategy. That can only mean one thing: influencer marketing works.”

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