Website Problem For Williams Hart Law

Why a Video Alone Is Not Enough

Williams Hart Law is a large litigation law firm based in Houston, Texas.  After reviewing their website and other digital assets it is obvious they are spending a bunch of money on marketing.

One of these assets is their YouTube channel.  Unfortunately, they haven’t optimized their videos for the search engines, the effect of which dampens the flow of traffic.  One way to rectify the problem is to include a full description.  Another way is to add keywords or tags.

Although their Channel has tags their individual YT videos don’t include them. Tags or keywords are essential because they inform YT about things like location and the type of business that searchers may be looking for.  When tags are added to each video, more visitors will flow to the videos.  And if YouTube videos are also featured on the website, a traffic benefit will accrue.

Another way to boost traffic to your YouTube videos is to post new videos often.  Just as Google loves fresh new content on a blog, YouTube likes to see new video content being posted.

But after looking at Williams Hart Law YouTube channel we see that that posting frequency is spasmodic.  Lack of activity on their YouTube channel inhibits audience growth.  See below – only two new videos in the last 12 months.  Although Covid probably had an effect on their ability to create new videos, customer stories can be created using online means such as Zoom.

As you can see from the screenshot below, video activity from Williams Hart Law has been spasmodic.

Video Method For Websitess

Let’s look at their website.  It’s not pretty but seems to be quite effective with plenty of performance proof on display in the form of testimonials, awards, and commendations.

Other than written testimonials, their site includes videos too.  One such video features one of their clients who incurred severe burns as a result of an explosion at work.  So Williams Hart Law litigated against the employer and secured a substantial payout.

But here’s the thing.  When you feature a video on your site, you must always add supporting text.  Not everyone wants to watch a video or maybe they do but it may be inconvenient to do it right now.  That’s why you should add text.  And of course, the text gives you another opportunity to impress the reader and strut your stuff.

When adding text, include a headline and a pic.   

When we look at the aforementioned video we see that they do include a bit of supporting text.  But it lacks impact.  Take a look.

From This:

Their version: the video plus minimal text

To This:

Our version, which includes a headline, pic, supporting text, and, of course, the video.

Electrician Suffers Severe Burns From Workplace Explosion - Williams Hart Secured a Just Compensation.

Our client is a Houston-based electrician, suffered severe injuries. During a routine inspection at the worksite, there was an explosion. 

The force of the blast caused him severe burns and injuries – he was unconscious for twenty days. 

His burn injuries later resulted in a loss of fine motor skills and the ability to work.

Whilst waiting to recover he started to worry about money and how “I was going to provide for my family”.

We allayed his fears and gave him confidence that we would build a solid case.  

Several months later we secured just compensation for his extensive and life-altering injuries. To do this, we had to XXXXXXXXXXX (share a small insight about your process)

Williams Hart law has proudly stood by hard-working Americans and their families for 30 years. In fact, our team has helped thousands of injured persons recover from work accidentsincluding burn injuries, brain, and spinal cord injuries, and crane accidents.