Social Media Automation Is Bad, and Other Marketing Lies

People can win big with social media.  This includes the effective use of marketing automation.  But what they are not told is that dumpster fires do exist in these areas. One recent example is AT&T super-spammy Ticket chasers program. This program gave people the chance to win free tickets to NCAA events. The program was outsourced to a company that used a robot that spammed people’s twitter pages. The problem with this idea was that many of the people that were spammed did not follow AT&T twitter pages neither were they interested in events hosted by the NCAA.

This shows that even the best social media marketers can make mistakes at times. But this does not leave out the fact that when social media automation is done well, it is a brilliant part of the social media world. That is why companies should make sure that when they are doing social automation it doesn’t have to be spam.

To find out how much time is involved in social media posting, the author’s company ran a test to find out which times were best for posting content on social media. They realized that many marketers were scheduling things manually and were unwilling to change. This is because they think that their time is free. They never realized how much value there is in their time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media presents people with ways they can win big and this is more so when it comes to social media and marketing automation.
  • The problem with the AT&T program which the author highlighted was that many persons did not even follow its business page and did not have any interest in NCAA.
  • McDonald’s public tweet that went viral recently for all the wrong reasons shows that even the best social media marketers can make mistakes.

“Remember AT&T’s super-spammy debacle called the “Ticket Chasers” program? It was a chance for people to win free NCAA tickets. They outsourced the campaign to a contractor, who then outsourced the Tweets to a robot, who then spammed the crap out of thousands of Twitter users.”

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