Share Your Wins, No Matter How Small

If you’re using social media platforms to build your business, here is a technique that will work well for you.

I call it the Micro Wins strategy. Here is what you do. First up, strive to achieve daily wins as you grow your business. While it’s good to have big goals and big wins, the reality is that the big wins don’t come along all that often. To keep your spirits high – and not get discouraged – aim to score at least one small win every day

Small wins can come in different forms. Examples include:

  • You received a testimonial from a happy customer
  • You helped someone solve a problem
  • You conducted an excellent call with a prospective client
  • You received a payment from a client
  • You got three new leads or inquiries today
  • Positive comments were posted on your social media posts.

The next step is to select a couple of these wins and let people know about them. Some of the best platforms for this type of activity are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. But, it will also work for your email subscribers. Send them some emails highlighting some of your successes (including the success stories from your clients.

Write about wins that will make you look good to your audience. Looking at the above list, I’d give priority to sharing specific bits of good news such as testimonials, how you helped a client today and so on..

Anyway, below is a replay of my Facebook Live about this topic. Enjoy!

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