Should Sharing Your Process Be Part of Your Marketing Method? 🤔

I’ve asked myself this question many times.

Then then it hit me…..

So, let’s get clear about something.

Different businesses have different needs.  Sharing your process in the marketing context is not for everyone.

If you’re promoting a small ticket B2C type of product, you may not need to do it.  This is especially so if your product is of the tangible variety.

A touchy-feely kind of thing.

But if you’re promoting a service, especially a high-ticket service, I’d lean towards sharing your process with the world.  Well, your small niched down world.  It’s a world full of skeptics, doubting Thomases and Marianna’s who often lack the ability to VISUALISE what it would be like to work with you.

Here is the nub of the matter.

  • People can’t ‘see’ what you see.
  • They don’t know what you know.
  • And they don’t have the specialised insights from years of grinding it out in the sweatshop we call ‘paying your dues and learning your craft’.

How could they?  They’re not an insider like you.  All they want is to solve a problem so they can resume their normal life once more.

Will you help them do that ONE THING?

So yes, I share simple frameworks and processes with people.  I want them to broadly know how I do business and especially how I can solve their type of problem.  It is often at this point that people get excited.  Ka Ching.

So, write out the simple steps you take when working with clients.  Make it factual, but interesting. Compelling is best.


Some say they won’t do it because they’re giving away their intellectual property.  Gimme a break.  Stop clinging to it.  Forget closed-loop, go open source.

The alternative is to keep browbeating people with highly repetitive, pitchy content that lacks insight, depth, nuance and above all:

A compelling reason to do business with you.

I’m getting high ticket clients on LinkedIn – what about you?

Different Ways to Persuade People to Do Business With You

Sharing your process is one of the best ways to promote your high-ticket service.  It works for professionals such as lawyers, accountants, engineers and architects.  But it also works for other service providers such as digital marketing agencies. 

But there are also other methods you can employ, but before I share the list, I think it best if we have a small dose of reality.  Here it is:  

Selling a service is essentially about selling an intangible.

And unless you’re working with respected authority figures who refer people to you on a regular basis, you must do more than bore people with the usual self-serving platitudes.

It doesn’t work, and why should it?  It doesn’t convince you to do business with people you barely know.  So why would you do the same thing in your business?  So, you need to do more.  Much more.

That’s why smart marketers who offer transformative high-ticket services do the ‘Full Monty’.

They bare all.

Well, not quite all, but enough to get your prospects salivating and itching to do business with you.

We do it with:

  • Insightful Social Media Content that challenges the status quo.
  • ‘Shake ‘Em Up Emails that reinforce and even expand on your social media posts.
  • Short Hero Stories that call out your ICP.
  • Full Case Studies that go much further than mere testimonials.  They take the reader on a journey of discovery, whereby the hero faced a problem, searched for a solution, and had various setbacks until they found you.  Check out my Case Study Report.  It will show you how to create them and also how to use them to attract your perfect client.
  • Processes and Frameworks.  This is one of the quickest ways to get prospects excited about the way you do things.  Done correctly, soon enough they’ll be fantasizing about doing business with you.  How will you do it? Turn them on to your problem-solving process with frameworks and enticing descriptions.

So, there you have it.  If you’re a high-ticket service-based business, share your process.  But don’t forget some of the other methods as listed above.


The first step is to grab my free report…..

How to Use Case Studies to Attract Perfect Clients (Who Pay You More Money)



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