Episode 8: Video Magic With Sue Moses

Helping you ‘look, feel and sound great’ in your business videos is Sue’s mission.


As a Video Coach, Sue gives her clients a rapid transformation experience. She helps them confidently present to a camera while keeping the message concise, pointed, and impactful.


Sue’s experience comes from over 14,000 hours of live broadcasting on Australian media. She was a TV presenter at Network Ten, TVSN, and Sky Channel. In radio, she busted a glass ceiling for female broadcasters, becoming the first female DJ in Australia to host a primetime shift on commercial FM radio.


Sue also holds an MA in Communication.


On this podcast, Sue discusses the following:


  • Professional Preparation. The key to elevating yourself to the top 1 percent in your industry.
  • How smart packaging can land you more clients.
  • Why short videos are best on your Facebook profile.
  • Why a business page is inferior to your personal profile.
  • A cheap way to get an instant boost for your videos.
  • Why LinkedIn has an organic edge over Facebook.
  • A clever way to use video messages on Messenger.
  • HOT TIP. How to get your ‘eye line’ right, when fronting a camera.

If you want videos that you can feel proud to Post, and create VSL’s that bring in the $$$, Sue can make it happen for you.

By the way; Sue survived a helicopter crash, has two teenage sons and is a devotee of Hot Yoga and Ice Baths.

Email: [email protected]

FB Group: http://bit.ly/VideoPresenterTraining

Freebie (Guide to Mobile Video): http://bit.ly/MOBguide

Sue Moses MA Coms (Video Confidence Coach)