Episode 13 – Leverage Existing Marketing Assets

How to Leverage Existing ‘Assets’ In Your Business to ake Sales With ZERO Ad Spend

The Key to Great Marketing

Forget the theoretical blather. Great marketing is about one thing and one thing only:

“Connect on an emotional level and activate people’s innate urge to take action.”  

 How do we do it?  There are different ways to connect on an emotional level with customers.  My fav way is with stories.  Remember this: people remember stories long after facts and figures have been forgotten.

I’ll talk more about this soon, but first I want to cover a couple of core concepts one of which is this……

Leverage Your Existing Assets

Rather than spend money on advertising, consider leveraging the assets that already exist in your business.

Assets such as your:

  • Website and Blog.
  • Facebook Page.
  • Previous Inquiries and Leads.
  • Current Inquiries and Leads.
  • Current and Past Clients.
  • Email Lists.

You Have Enough Already

 Ok, so you’ve got it.  To acquire more customers, you don’t necessarily need to spend more money on ads.  You may already have gold in your business – gold that’s worth exploiting.  Indeed, if I work with you, your ad expenditure may drop like a stone.

Before I continue, let’s look at three core sales principles.  Are you ready?

Three Keys to Sales Success

  1. Bridge the Gap

 Ask this question of your target audience: where are they now, and where do they want to be? Your job is to bridge the gap. Sales opportunities open up when we highlight the gap in glorious technicolor.

  1. Remind Them Why Nothing Has Worked Before

 Perhaps it’s because they made the wrong choice before. Or maybe an errant supplier let them down. Whatever. The point is that effective education about the realities of the marketplace adds further weight to your argument. You will help them bridge the gap, but only if it’s on your terms.

  1. Show Them How to Solve Their Problem

 Position your product or service as the solution for which they’ve been looking. When they make a purchase, they have reached their personal summit.  How do we achieve these objectives?  Good question, thanks for asking. The next section will answer it for you, but first, check out my promise to you (see above).

Wait.  Before you do that, understand what I mean by a guarantee.  I stand behind the work I do for you. You WILL get a great ROI on the money you pay me.  If by chance things don’t quite work out in the time frame specified, I will keep working with you till it does, at no charge.

The use of me-to clichés such as ‘fast, friendly, service’ has no place in your educational content.  Often terms like these are used because owners and managers are not crystal clear about their Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

So, if necessary, we will help you craft a value proposition that comprehensively puts you ahead of your competitors – without the clichés.

From there we will feature these enhanced content items on your Facebook page and website.  If you have an email list, we will also create a series of potent email formats.  If you don’t have an email list, we will organize that for you (assuming you have customer and/or prospect lists).  The foregoing assumes you have a valid product/service with positive customer experiences/testimonials.

If you have website traffic but it’s not converting into many leads or sales, we will also review your site with the goal being to implementing an optimized conversion strategy.

What Are Your Marketing Assets?

If you’ve been in business for at least a year, chances are you have some marketing assets that can be leveraged.  What are they?  i have no idea but here is a great way to find out.  Book a call.