Episode 12 – The Accidental Marketer With Kieran Doyle

From an early age buying and selling crisps (chips) to school kids, before starting and failing in many ventures, Ciaran was destined for the life of an entrepreneur.

Luckily in 2004/2005, Ciaran found internet marketing and dived headfirst into the industry, learning and taking in everything available to him in his goal of making millions online.

It wasn’t until 2009 that he made his first sales when he onboarded his first mentor. Not long after, he had his first $10k month and then quickly followed with a lot more.

It wasn’t long before speaking appointments and seminars took him all over the world to share his unique marketing strategies with thousands of entrepreneurs and business people.

Leaving the industry in 2011 to travel the world, he ended up living on the beach and dabbled in strategies that always kept a steady flow of income coming in. He only came back into the public sphere for corporate consulting work.

At the start of 2018, he jumped back into the industry and created a few different products doing over $1 million in sales and firmly reigniting his love for the digital world.

Ciaran loves nothing more than helping people achieve the freedom they deserve. He teaches them how to drive traffic, generate leads, and turn visitors into buyers.

On this podcast, master marketer Ciaran Doyle covers the following topics:

  1. Five Years No Sales.  Yet he persisted until he hit paydirt. A lesson in persistence.
  2. Digital Nomad Lifestyle.  Freed from the constraints of the bricks and mortar world, Ciaran travels the world.
  3. Mentor Magic.  The role of mentors and how they changed his life.
  4. Tips for Affiliate Marketing.  Ciaran has sold millions of dollars worth of products as an affiliate – pay close attention to this segment.
  5. Dead Easy eCommerce Strategy.  Learn how Ciaran has simplified the entire process so that even a technophobe can prosper.
  6. 100,000 Google Ads!  Ciaran has created more than 100,000 ads via the Google Ads platform.  What can you learn from him?
  7. Dynamic Keyword Strategy.   Ciaran is an expert on pay per click advertising and keyword strategy.  He shares his ideas. 
  8. PPC Strategy.  Why paying more for clicks is often the smart approach to PPC marketing (Facebook and Google Ads).

Connect with Ciaran here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ciarandoyleaway

Facebook Group (Income Builder Club): http://bit.ly/2I8TnrJ

Free Training For Affiliate Marketers: http://bit.ly/2Trs01k