Episode 10: China Dream With Rich Tweten

Rich Tweten started online in the year 2000. His first website was called Body Art and promote his new fitness training business.


Not long after, he launched ShapeUpSolution(dot)com. He soon got sick of grinding away finding clients, so put together a search engine optimized sales letter for his website.


It didn’t take long before he was getting a steady stream of clients from the sales page. Thanks, Google!


From then to early 2010, his website remained #1 (the majority of the time) ranking for the 9 most popular personal trainer Vancouver search terms on Google.


This change meant that very little money needed to be spent on marketing. No more walking around a gym to seduce people to become clients for Rich.


Since then, he happily retired from the fitness industry and now is doing all he can do to become one of the ultimate online English teachers in the world!


His Kid Can Talk English – KCT 英语 company teaches Chinese kids online.


On this podcast, Rich covers the following topics:


  1. People Skills More Important Than Tech Skills. Rich believes that personalities and personal relationships are the main success ingredients.
  2. The Dan Lok Connection. Lok is a giant of the online marketing industry. Rich was mentored by him and Lok’s influence changed his life.
  3. Why Conversion is the Name of the Game. Even if you’re getting plenty of leads, if you can’t convert them into income – you’re toast.
  4. SEO Tips. How to rank in the top 10 search results on Google.
  5. When You Promote, Be Unique. You must be memorable.
  6. Referral Networks. The best way to get easy sales.
  7. Insider Profits. Leverage your profits as an insider into new income streams.
  8. Rich’s Industry Specialist Strategy. Why it’s better than being a generalist.
  9. Segmentation and Target Marketing. The key to becoming an insider in your industry.

Contact Rich Here: https://www.facebook.com/RichardTweten Website: https://kidcantalk.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kid.can.talk.english

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCiLWQds_xqkp8aJ_hDWRg9g

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