The Words That Sell podcast is hosted by Kim Willis and features tips, tactics, and strategies for business owners.  Whilst the podcast has a marketing and business building flavor, we often delve into other areas including inspirational topics like ‘how to maintain enthusiasm for your business (in the face of adversity’).  Some broadcasts will be in the form of a solo lesson from Kim, while others will feature theme congruent business owners.


  1. Adventures With Words.  Kim Willis.
  2. Engineered For Success.  Kim Willis With Guest Will Banks.
  3. Born For Business.  Kim Willis With Guest Steve Cloward.
  4. Back From the Brink.  Kim Willis With Guest Melanie Mendoza.
  5. Foreign Correspondent.  Kim Willis with Guest Heather Boyer.
  6. 7 Free Ways to Crush It On Facebook in 2020.  Kim Willis.
  7. Spanish Adventure.  Kim Willis With Guest Anke Herrmann.
  8. Video Magic.  Kim Willis with Guest Sue Moses.
  9. San Antonio Rose.  Kim Willis with Stephanie Scheller.
  10. China Dream.  Kim Willis with Rich Tweten.
  11. Russian Doll.  Kim Willis with Anastasha Deyour.
  12. The Accidental Marketer.  Kim Willis with Ciaran Doyle.
  13. Leverage Your Marketing Assets.  Kim Willis.
  14. Innovation Special – For Service-Based Businesses.  Kim Willis with Glen Stamper (Zen Roofing)
  15. The Networking Queen.  Kim Willis with Billie Sinclair.
  16. Secrets of a Million Dollar Seller.  Kim Willis with Mike Husson
  17. Most Marketers Are Doing Sales, Not Marketing.  Kim Willis
  18. Starting a Business With Franchise Consultant Rich Blanton.  Kim Willis With Rich Blanton