One Hundred Sales For Food Delivery Business (From a ‘Dead’ Email List)

Making money from an email list is ‘a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’. At least that is how it is for many business owners. These are not my words – I give full credit to Winston Churchill, who used them when referring to Russia.

But I also think those immortal words are apt when talking about email marketing. It’s a vexed issue, no doubt. Conflicting opinions from goo-roos and their brain dead fanboys make matters worse.

Perhaps you’ve asked questions like these:

  • Should I send daily, weekly, or once in a blue moon?
  • Long or short-form copy?
  • Do I pitch in every email or take a more laid back approach?
  • I can’t write – should I hire someone?

The purpose of this post is not to answer these questions in-depth, but to say this: if you have a list, we can help. Often people give up on email marketing and focus on other things. ‘It’s all too hard’ is the familiar refrain when disillusioned managers and owners talk to us.   We are here to tell you that help is available; we have helped many businesses generate leads and make sales from email marketing.

We Deliver Sales and Revive Dead Customers for Delish Deliveries

For instance, we helped the Australian company Delish Deliveries leverage their existing email list. But there was a small problem. The company hadn’t emailed the list for a long time; it was all but dead. 

A dead list is normally useless: any relationship that may have existed previously has been broken. Delish was no different. In fact, they were in a quandary – should they abandon email marketing, or try again? Fortunately, they took the latter option. After making contact with us we formulated a simple plan. The goal was to rectify things by breathing new life into their dying list.

First up we segmented their list by using precise targeting techniques. We then created a series of laser targetted email messages for each list segment. Each email included a killer offer plus a strong call to action.

Finally, we installed a small Facebook ad retargeting strategy to reinforce the email campaign.

Results Speak For Themselves

The short campaign delivered more than 100+ new customers.  The immediate dollar value of these sales was more than $ 10,000. Because many of these customers are continuing to submit orders, higher sales will flow as time rolls by.

The Takeout For You

If you have a list, talk to us. And even if you don’t, give us a holler. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is that email marketing is alive and well. It still works, but only for a select few – ie, email marketers who have lifted their game and now play with the big kids.  

How often should you send emails? It depends on your business, but in general, we recommend most companies should email at least once a week. This will ensure you create lots of top of mind awareness, not to forget the opportunity to stimulate engagement and make more sales.

Another issue is targetting. By using micro targetting techniques, you can create different messages for different segments of your list. Your goal is to invoke a response whereby the recipient thinks ‘he’s talking directly to me.’

Should you try and do it yourself? If you have a micro business and short on funds, the answer is yes. We can coach you on the finer points.  

On the other hand, if your business has substance – customers in place with consistent four, five, and six-figure weekly revenue – you’d be better off outsourcing all of it. Why? You can be an expert in everything – focus on those things in which you already excel. 

Next Steps

The next steps for you are simple. If you’ve got an established or fledgling business, book a call. We’ll do a quick diagnostic and find out what’s going on in your business. And we’ll look at how to leverage existing assets, including your customer and lead lists, which will include the use of email marketing strategies.

No need to spend more money on advertising; you’ve probably got plenty of upside potential within your existing business framework.

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