Is Organic Social Media Marketing a Thing of the Past?

Contrary to popular belief, one cannot simply purchase social media followers or space online for the best marketing campaign. Having an organic social media following is is the foundation to online marketing. With the current climate of social media, some consumers can be concerned that they are not getting “real” content from brands. By building and maintaining an organic social media base one can develop a bond with their target audience and receive relevant feedback.

Key Takeaways:

  • One thing that is constantly changing online is the world of social media where strategies that work two years ago have become redundant today.
  • One fact that has been learned from social media marketing is that organic social media is important because without it one cannot do paid social media marketing.
  • When one is on a respected social media platform, one thing that is important is to have a good presence on the platform and garner SERP.

“According to a survey from Social Media Today, 68 percent of marketers surveyed plan to spend more on social media ads in 2019 than they did the previous year.”

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