How to Use a Blog to Give You Instant Credibility, Even If You Don’t Have Any Now

catch 22 joseph hellier

The Catch in Catch 22

They call it Catch 22.

It’s a term that became famous after the release of the book by Joseph Hellier, aptly named Catch 22.  A movie of the same name starring the wonderful Alan Arkin was released which went onto become quite a hit.

So what does Catch 22 mean?  Here is the definition:

“A requirement that cannot be met until a prerequisite requirement is met, however, the prerequisite cannot be obtained until the original requirement is met.”

Relating this to the business world it could look like this: you want to attract quality clients but you don’t yet have any credibility, but it’s hard to gain credibility without clients.  THAT’S Catch 22 – ouch!

Enough of the explanation, the bottom line is that you’ve landed on this page because you are interested in acquiring more clients who pay you top dollar.

So how do you attract more clients and charge a premium for your services and expertise?  Well there are different ways to do it, but one thing is certain – without credibility you have nothing.

What is credibility?  Essentially it is the quality of being believed and trusted.  So let’s get into some practical ideas to help you build more credibility.  But before I do that there are a couple of points I want to discuss with you……..

Why Credibility Is So Important

This one is a bit of a no brainer.  Everyone knows that you must have credibility to grow your business.

Potential clients need confidence before they will engage you to help them fix their problem.  If you’re a consultant or coach, or run a professional service firm your objective should be to instill confidence – and build your credibility – at every opportunity.

The Alpha Leader In You

Another related point is that people are looking for the top dog, the alpha leader.  It’s a basic  human trait – we want to do business with people we perceive as leaders or authorities.

Just as in the dog world there is always an alpha leader, so it is in the human world. Dogs will not follow just any old dog – for them it has to be the top dog, the alpha male.

In the human world people are looking for someone to look up to, someone to follow.  Ignore this basic human need or craving at your peril!

Why You Need a Blog

If you don’t yet have a blog for your business, you had better get one – like yesterday.

If you want more credibility and have decided to use the internet to give it to you, a blog is the best way to do it.

Not only can a blog give you more credibility it can ultimately help position you as an authority in your niche.

Whilst other platforms (such as social media sites like Facebook and video platforms like You Tube) can help, the blog is your property – you own it, you control it.  It is your digital asset.

Think of your blog as the center of your marketing universe.  In my opinion it is the premier online way to ensure you get a big boost to your credibility and authority positioning.

Posting regular content on your blog will educate readers about your expertise, and your ability to solve problems and improve outcomes.  Used correctly it can also be used as a relationship building tool.  (Building relationships is another prerequisite for a successful client attraction strategy.)

People often ask me about the perceived traffic getting benefits of a blog.  My answer is always the same – a blog can be a great way to get traffic, but it is not a quick strategy.  The real benefit in the short term is that a blog with a well executed strategy will bestow almost instant credibility and authority on the shoulders of the blog owner.

Client Getting AND Credibility Boosting Strategies For Your Blog

Credibility can be boosted online or offline, and certainly a judicious mix of online and offline strategies should be employed.  But for this post I will focus on the online method, which revolves around your blog.

In my experience these strategies will not only boost your credibility and authority they will automatically help you attract more clients, which of course is the ultimate objective.

Here are some credibility boosting content ideas for your blog:

1.    Testimonial Story

Testimonials can be like rocket fuel for your business..  But they need to be the right testimonials, packaged properly.  If you already have a website with a testimonial page all you do is copy the quote from your customer then package it into a story by adding some narrative.  Include a pic, and if your client runs a business always feature her logo and link.

2.    Case History

A nicely constructed case history will work very well and will certainly boost your credibility.  It offers proof that you can deliver great outcomes for clients.  Just one good case history is all you need to make this strategy work. You want one happy client, with one happy outcome.  Got one of those?  Great.

Do it in such a way that it’s not just a dry dissertation.  Instead build a narrative that will get your readers excited.

3.    How You Solved a Problem

If you have clients already you will have examples of client problems and how you solved them.  You don’t need a full case history but a pointed blog post (maybe 400-600 words) about a specific problem and briefly how you solved it.

4.    Team Member Stories

If you employ people or use contractors why not feature them a little?  It will definitely add to your credibility and help build your brand and authority status.

5.    Stakeholder Stories

Who else do you have in your network with a vested interest in your success?  It could be a lender, a supplier or someone else.  Write a story about each of them.

6.    Share Your Vision

The idea here is to enroll people in your vision for your business.  Warning: do not make it a ‘you focused’ piece – instead express it in such  a way that it satisfies the ‘what’s in it for me?’ requirement.  Always show people how your vision will benefit your clients and potential clients.

7.    Educate About An Important Topic

To do this properly you need to be totally clear about the concerns and hot buttons of your target market.  If you’re not clear about that, go back to the drawing board and figure it out.  Once done, pick one topic or problem and show them how to solve it.

In the personal development space a good example of this is to be found on Sylviane Nuccio’s blog.

8.    Industry Updates

No matter what industry you’re in there is bound to be plenty of information that clients will find interesting.  Simply compile the best bits, add a bit of your own commentary, and you’re done.

9.    Interviews with Customers/Clients

Even if you only have one client you can do an interview, no problem.  Ask them why he/she chose you, and get them to expand on their experience as a client.  Here is another benefit – by getting them to articulate how wonderful you are, they will move higher up the advocate scale, and are more likely to introduce more clients for you.  The brain works like that.

10. Have Someone Interview You

If you know an industry figure ask them if they would interview you.  Alternatively get anyone to do it – think of a client, or a friend or even your spouse.  Heck, even I may do it for you!

11. Interview Multipliers and Influencers

Even if you’re a newbie you’d be surprised how many people in authority would be open to doing an interview with you.  Stroke their ego a bit and give them a reason why they should do it.  Some of them will gladly accept.

Believe it or not the mere act of interviewing someone (who already has credibility) will ensure that some of it rubs off onto you.  I did that last year with a guy called Ryan Biddulph.  Since then all sorts of doors have opened up for me.  Thanks Ryan!

12. Promote Your Clients

This one is a little bit similar to the client testimonial story tip.  If you have a client with a good story, why not feature it?  Of course you must include a link to her site.  Also include her logo in your story.  She (or he) will love you for it – more raving fans for you!

13. Guest Posts

You probably know people who are not directly competing with you.  So here is how it works – you offer them an opportunity to create some content for your blog.  You are looking for content that will add value to your audience.  The benefit to them is they have an opportunity to promote their business.  But do not allow content that is overly promotional though – the big sales pitch is to be avoided like the plague.

Here is an example of guest posting on my friend Donna Merrill’s blog.

Even if you don’t have an audience you can still get people to contribute content.  Tell them your blog is new, then share your vision for it.  Tell them that not only will you feature their post now, but in 3 months time when you DO have an audience, you will re-feature it.  It’s a no brainer!

One More Way To Boost the Credibility Boosting Effectiveness of Your Blog

Get Lots of Engagement

People are social creatures and they’re always looking for social proof that helps to increase their belief in you.

So engagement is quite important.  Take a look at this blog.  It’s a new blog yet already, after just a couple of months, I am getting engagement happening every day.

How do you get engagement on your blog:?

1.    Create Compelling Content

2.    Share on Social Media Platforms

3.    Email Your List

4.    Comment On Other People’s Blogs

No Clients? No Problem!

Just starting out and no clients yet?  No problem.  Here is what you do: You offer free  ‘so helpful’ consultations.  Here is an example: No Pitch Consultation.

Get the message out about your offer on online forums, other blogs, Facebook (if you have ANY following on Facebook you can add the offer to your profile and post it to your news feed) and Linked In (a very good platform in the B2B arena).

Offline opportunities such as Meetups and the Chamber of Commerce, work well.  Make sure you have a business card with your contact details – include your blog url) on the front.  On the back add a promotional message with your ‘so helpful’ consultation offer.

Another great way to do it is via a survey of existing contacts.  I detail this strategy on a recent blog post called 5 Steps to Getting Lots of Big Ticket Sales

Final Thoughts

That completes my top 13!  I do hope you got value from them.  But before I close I want to address an issue:

There’s no doubt that some readers who look at the above list will experience some discomfort.  If that’s you, no problem!  It’s natural – it’s normal to feel uncomfortable with something that is not familiar.  Or to put it another way if you’ve never done this sort of thing before it will seen alien to you.

As you have seen this is all about content.  To succeed online you have to embrace the idea of content creation, because the internet is essentially a content platform.  That is the way it works, and there is no getting away from that reality, no matter how hard we may try!

To someone who says there’s no one else in my industry or niche who are doing it in the way I’ve described, here is what I say to them…….

So what?

We live in a fast paced world – ways of doing business that we unknown just 5 years ago are now common place.  Think of app technology as utilized by companies such as Airbnb and Uber.  A game changer right?

The strategies I have featured here are not new or radical – they have been pioneered and perfected by internet marketers over the last 10 years.  And now we bring them to more conventional businesses knowing they will work just as well, perhaps even better.

I DO hope you ‘get it’ because if you do, you will have at your finger tips the ability to leapfrog your competitors who haven’t yet made the shift and are still living in the past.

 ****Special Free Offer****

If you are an expert and need more high paying clients the key is to position you as an authority in your niche.  It is NOT about being a mere salesperson.

So, if you want to attract high paying ‘A’ class clients to you like bees to a honey pot, you should talk to me.

I’ve been using these techniques for years in my own business.  Techniques that have enabled me to quit the rat race and travel the world as a digital nomad.

So here is my offer for you……

I will gift you an hour of my time (by phone or Skype) for brainstorming, including specific strategies on expert positioning and client acquisition.  AND I’ll always be focused on skyrocketing your income by showing you how to attract ‘A’ class clients who pay you top dollar.

All at no cost to you.  All I ask for in return is a testimonial and the opportunity to build a valuable relationship.

Results matter, so that will be my focus with you – to give you valuable ideas you can use straight away.

Schedule a Time HERE

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.  If so, share the love on your fav social media platforms.  I would also love it if you can add a nice comment below.



31 thoughts on “How to Use a Blog to Give You Instant Credibility, Even If You Don’t Have Any Now”

  1. Awesome strategies to use a blog for business growth. For a while I was positioning my blog the wrong way. This list should help me switch over to creating blog posts that actually will help me attract clients I want.

    I think I will attack case studies first. Only problem I have sometimes, is I feel like the problems were not big enough to write about. I am very good at solving problems so this stuff comes second nature to me. I feel like it is my job to solve them, so writing about them makes me feel like I am “writing about doing my job…” and nothing special.

    Any tips to get over that and find the problems I should be writing about?


    1. Hi Chris

      I am very glad you wrote about this issue – it is one of my favorites

      The point is that you don’t need a big story to transform it into an interesting story. For instance my next post on this site is a small story, but goodness it’s an interesting one. It’s about the new men’s barber shop I went to recently. After getting my haircut I realised there was a good story to be told, so I will tell it! Look out for it.

      Years ago a had a mentor who spoke to me about this issue when I said I didn’t have much in the way of hot customer result stories – I only had a few small success stories. Here is what he said: “You have gold there. In fact people are often more impressed with the small successes than they are with the big ones” So my message to you is this: you can do very well by majoring in minors, and you do it by packaging the truth in a powerful way.

      Hope this helps


  2. A very informative post mate,
    This is the first time I’m hearing the word catch 22 and it’s very interesting. Having a blog is really a very good way of building up your credibility without much hassle. Once your blog is lively and has a good audience then, you’ll be seeing as an authority and in that way, your credibility will be on the high side.

    The only thing is to ensure that your audience loves what your doing because once they do, they’ll be talking about it and will also be giving you testimonials which will serve as a good social proof.

    1. Yes, you are right Theodore!

      An easy way to build online credibility and authority is to simply do what we’re doing here…….

      We create content, and we network by commenting on other people’s blogs.

      Just those 2 simple strategies will yield engagement on our own blogs which impresses people when they drop by for a look. I call that an instant credibility builder.

      I look forward to visiting your blog!


  3. Hi Kim,

    This is an incredible post on how to gain credibility on your posts. We definitely need a blog to start out with and other tools to use such as an autoresponder, social media marketing buttons and many other tools to sustain our blogs.

    We must have credibility to maintain our blogs. In the beginning it is hard but we keep ourselves focused and it will come. We need to take action.

    All of the 13 methods you used were spot on. There are many methods we can use to maintain the posts on our blogs. By following your steps we will gain credibility.

    You have a wonderful day and week ahead, Kim!


    1. Hi Linda

      Great to see you back here again!

      And thanks for the nice comments

      Yes, it’s true – if we gain more credibility we automatically gain a client acquisition benefit. People love to do business with folk who have more credibility.
      And after visiting your blog many times I can see you already have it. Power to you!


  4. Hey Kim,

    I hate that phrase, catch 22 because as you clearly stated here, we can’t do one thing without the other and we can’t do that until we achieve the first one. Man oh man, strange how that all works.

    You’re right though, no one wants to learn from someone who is not an authority in that particular area. There are too many people out there trying to teach things that they’ve never done before. But the important thing here is that the more you do it the more you’ll learn, the better you’ll become and then next thing you know you’re an authority.

    Your tips though of how they can go about that are wonderful. I’ve never done the case studies although I’ve heard they are a great example. I’m more of the problem solver, the experience sharer and of course the engager. 😉 They definitely can get people’s attention as well right!

    I love that you’re eager to help others with your free consultation. That’s a great way to get more testimonials, I agree. I’m sure your calendar is filling up with those.

    Thanks for this awesome post Kim and your wonderful suggestions. I’ll be sure to pass them along as well.


    1. Great Adrienne,

      Looking at your blog I’ve learnt plenty. And certainly you are a great communicator and sharer of experiences. But here’s what I haven’t seen so much of:

      Stories of how you solved problems for people.

      I would love to see that side of your skillset, and so would lots of other people.

      (I reckon a few good stories like that will skyrocket your sales conversions too!)

      Thanks for visiting Adriene!


      1. Hey Kim,

        Thanks for that suggestion but you just haven’t been hanging around me long enough. I’ve written about some of that in the past but just not recently with the direction I’m moving in. Something to consider though moving forward, thanks.


  5. Hi Kim!

    I’m glad to see that we look at things in a similar way. A lot of people consider me to be a blogger but in my eyes, the blog is only one piece of the puzzle. A big piece for sure, but my blog is not my business – it is my blog.

    Really, I run my blog for two reasons – to get people onto my email list, and to provide additional value to people who arrive on my list through something like a squeeze page. In the latter case, you are right – the blog does build a lot of credibility, especially since I tend to showcase posts that really did well in terms of comments and social shares. I have no doubt that without my blog, I would make far less sales as the blog has done wonders in terms of building trust.

    A strong blog with a strong business back-end is a winning combination for sure.

    – James McAllister

    1. Hey James

      Once again you’re ‘on the money’!

      My blogs are the foundation, not the building. The building consists of all the other activities and profit centers that make for a good business. Or to put it another way, a blog is not an end in itself but a means to an end.

      In terms of credibility my original ‘ugly’ blog (I’m still active on it, though) has made me so much money, it’s ridiculous. But not so much from the traffic it attracted, it was more from the credibility side of things. When I generated a lead I would always send them to my blog, which in turn gave them the confidence to say to themselves ‘here is a guy I would like to do business with’.

      Can’t ask for more than that, eh James?


  6. Hi Kim,
    this catch 22 seems to be an interesting book
    and you did write a great post .
    I did read the comment of Chris above about problems not big enough.
    I often have been thinking about this and wondered why people are so
    happy when I helped with something which is for me very little. But we have to remember,
    if we have a skill and are good in it, it seems to us like nothing,but for the other it was
    a big help and made him able to move forward, a missing piece. Noticing these things made me aware, that sometimes I am in a situation and I get help which is for the other like nothing, but I have an obstacle out of my way and can move on. Sometimes the little thing can be very important and help tremendously. Be grateful for a skill wich helps others and it is easy for you to be of service, can it be better?“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Confucius
    Thank you

  7. Totally awesome material Kim!

    Now I know exactly how a defenseless and totally punch drunk
    fighter feels!LOL!

    Man, you have simply expanded my creative marketing juices, in far too
    directions all at once!

    While I realize what I’m about to share has certainly already occurred to you!LOL!

    Still, hopefully for the benefit of future eyeballs,
    you could have just as easily converted this totally excellent blog
    post into (either) a free lead generating “how to”multi series
    with some serious high end one on one coaching/consulting on the back end!

    And just sprinkled some happy client video testimonials throughout!Or you could create a free X number of pages special report giveaway valued at X!

    And offer it as a free detailed bonus guide for all of us that leaped at the chance to attend one of your paid webinars and or “no holds barred”, 90 -120 minute free fall, brainstorming coaching sessions!

    I bookmarked this page and I’ll definitely need to read it very really slow, at least 5-7 more times, just to really get the surface material!LOL! Great job!Thanks!

    1. Hi Mark

      Thanks for your comments including your suggestions. No doubt I will be taking some of them on board as time permits (this is a new blog for a new market, so it is taking time to implement fully all of the elements of my game plan). In regards to testimonials, we’ll be adding more of them to the About page soon, although I don’t have any video testimonials yet!

      Thanks for dropping by and thanks again for your ideas!


  8. Hey Kim,

    Although I heard the term ‘Catch 22’ a lot I never knew what it meant. I use to just knod my head whenever someone would use the term LOL. Now I know and I can relate it to trying to find a job in the IT field after I graduated in college it that’s another story.

    This is an evergreen post for sure. Putting yourself out there is not that hard to do. The easiest way you mentioned is to comment on other blog posts as a start. Once people start to get to know you, they’ll start promoting your content. This gives you some social proof.

    Also doing guest posting, being involved on roundups and interviews are a great way to bud trust among your peers. One thing I plan on doing is getting testimonials from others. Especially if they already established themselves well within the community. This will definitely up the trust scale among your target audience.

    Thanks for the tips Kim! Have a great week!

    1. Great comments as usual Sherman!

      Yes, testimonials are an important part of a credibility building strategy. For this site, because it’s new, I don’t yet have that side sorted out properly yet. Although I do have a great new testimonial that I’ll be putting up very soon.

      To me, success is more of an incremental thing. It usually doesn’t happen quickly, but more of a process of continual improvement. Step by step, day by day – grinding it out!

      Thanks again Sherman!


  9. Hi Kim,

    Thank you! Appreciate the mention and the interview was a blast. I recall that day, sitting in Bali, completing our chat. Really fun.

    Something funny happened when I trusted myself; others trusted me. I saw me as credible and others saw it in me. I also built an endorsements page and gained testimonials and all that good stuff when I bought in to me, meaning, I got super clear on trusting myself so naturally all credibility-building ideas flowed my way with alarming ease. It was such an inner game with me, and even though it seems like trust flows from the outside of me I see it as flowing from within, influencing folks who I come into contact with.

    Fab post Kim. Keep up the great work.


    1. Awesome comment Ryan!

      And you are so right! The bestest way to build credibility is to just be your authentic self (trust yourself!), and then let folks see it via the written word, video and audio. Frankly for years I never even bothered about testimonials etc. People did business with me because they simply liked my content, especially my You Tube videos. Simple as that.

      Thanks again Ryan

  10. Hey Kim,

    Really good stuff here. I agree with all 13 ways you mentioned. It’s really important to get testimonials of any variety as they add to your social proof. What really hit home is having lots of engagement on your blog. Ironically that was one of the last things you mentioned.

    You could actually present all of that engagement – i.e. comments in the form of a testimonial as that is a pure form of one’s thoughts and feedback to what that particular blog post is about. The more of that type of consistent engagement can give someone confidence in your ability to solve their problem without your perceived lack of credibility. To me that holds more weight than your average testimonial as a testimonial is usually – not in all cases perceived as well “they were paid for that” or “compensated some way” for them to give that testimonial. I’ll need to think about the best way to present that. Just my outside the box thinking at work.

    I’ll be sure to share Kim.


    1. Hey Kurt

      You’re a genius! I hadn’t even thought of packaging the comments as a form of social proof. I will add that idea to this post and link to you as a (small) thank you.

      I also agree that many testimonials are weak and are often looked at in a ho-hum (‘so what?’) way by a cynical audience. That’s why – at the minimum – businesses should include a pic, the full name of the customer together with their location (not street address). Ultimately a testimonial story is better than a straight testimonial, something I’ll be doing soon on this new site of mine.

      Thanks again Kurt!


      1. Hey Kim,

        It’s nice to be a genius every now and then 🙂

        Thank you for doing that. I appreciate it!

        I like it Kim. That definitely will have more impact and lend more credence to that testimonial. I look forward to seeing them.

        Have a great day Kim


  11. Hi Kim,

    What a great post and very relevant to me because I’m just working on building a Team Site to brand myself as a leader in my networking business and one of my current tasks is collecting together team testimonials.

    One of them was so good I will be featuring it on my personal blog as well as the team site. I believe it will add credibility to the products, which is vitally important. Who wants to promote poor quality products? Not me!

    When I started blogging I thought the problems I solved were too trivial to be of note and “everybody else” knew how to do it – but then I figured that if I didn’t know how to do it, someone else probably wouldn’t either – so I wrote about them anyway. Also, truth be told, my blog serves as a helpful reminder for me if hit the same problem again and have forgotten how to fix it!

    Your free call offer is very tempting and I may take you up on that – but first I have to have my team site in place as people are waiting for it. With Christmas and family visits on the horizon, frighteningly enough I would have to wonder if the offer will still be in place in the New Year? My next couple of months are already scheduled out with existing plans to complete before taking more on board!

    Nevertheless, I will enjoy keeping in touch via blog posts over the next few weeks.


    1. Wow – that’s awesome Joy!

      As an owner of two team sites, I know how much work is required to get one set up, so a big shout out for you. Clearly you are a leader – you’re taking responsibility and leading by example.

      You are right – even solving small problems for people serves a purpose. And even if some people have seen the answers before the mere fact that you write about it in YOUR voice represents a point of difference that is appealing to people.

      Another point is this: when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have purchased a training that was similar or even the same as I’d seen multiple times before. Why didn’t I buy previously? The timing was wrong, and I didn’t resonate with the person who was previously promoting.

      Keep up the good work Joy – and keep me posted about your progress


      1. Yes you are so right Don

        Credibility cannot be gained without competence. People must demonstrate competence to win trust and gain credibility. And this is where the messaging becomes so important. If our messaging doesn’t ‘click’ with people, they won’t buy. If we want to dominate a particular niche we must learn the language of the niche; then we’ll draw people closer to us, no doubt. Actually I have a small story about that. Years ago I was targeting accountants and cpa’s. The problem was that I did not resonate in any way with cerebral and analytical accountants. Therefore, I found the going tough. So to rectify the problem I bought some accounting books and also got hold of some back copies of their industry magazines. After a couple of weeks of this activity, my messaging changed. Now I could engage with them much more efficiently, which of course led me to the first of an ongoing series of consulting sales. All because I changed my messaging!

        Thanks for your kind words Don


  12. Hi Kim,

    Credibility is powerful, but I think personally there is one step before credibility that has to be earned; and that’s competency.

    If you can establish competency over a period of time (maybe days, weeks, months and years – it just depends on the audience and what’s important to them – or him or her) credibility will follow.

    People buy you based on competency and they fire based on lack of competency. Credibility is an enhancer to competency. It demonstrates competency.

    When I work with a new client my goal is to help them discover what business they are “really” in. When they discover it they learn how to create and deliver a message that is relevant, meaningful, helpful and inspiring to their audience.

    At that moment all that matters is the visitor to your blog feels you are talking to him or her, that person identifies with you and believes that you understand them. You are proving your competency.

    I couldn’t agree more that in the beginning a blog (and perhaps video or a podcast) is a powerful, powerful to demonstrate you are competent and credible.

    But, you better know how to talk your audiences language and attract them; and then deliver the goods.

    Great post Kim. I so appreciate your viewpoints and insights. It’s a treasure trove of learning every time I visit your site!!!!

    Have a great end to your week!

    ~ Don Purdum

  13. Hello Kim,

    It’s my first time at your blog and let me start by telling you how I love your domain name.
    Secondly, the moment I came across the title of this post, I could not resist reading it. I got stuck into it from start to finish and so much to take away from this post.

    You have put together a great post filled with actionable treasures.

    I have to admit feeling a little uncomfortable but grateful.
    I do have a blog and I am currently doing an online course to gain further credibility.
    But I had never thought of some of the tips you mentioned.

    They are all extremely helpful and I will be implementing them asap.
    Thank you so much for this valuable post.

    Wishing you and your family a merry x-mas and a happy new year 2016 🙂


    1. Hi Hema

      Great to see you here and thanks for your positive comments

      I’m glad you liked my tips and it also good to see you expanding your knowledge by studying courses

      As Robert Kiyosaki said ‘there’s a learning stage and an earning stage – focus on the learning stage first’

      Thanks again Hema


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