Instagram: How to Build a Following That Will Care About Your Startup’s Content

It is important when building a reputable Instagram account that you have discoverable content within your page. This means utilizing tactics such as hashtags on each post. Hashtags alone have been proven to increase traffic by up to 12%, which is quite a considerable amount. Also find out how to partner with niche influencers so that you can have well-known sponsees recommending your brand to their substantial following, naturally driving more traffic to your page.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many companies are in a hurry to get onto instagram and use it to generate a traffic for their brand because it has a lot of people on it.
  • Instagram has generated a lot of appeal to brands in recent years because it has a higher rate of engagement than other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • One thing that people and brands on Instagram who want to generate a buzz around their page should do is to build a following on the platform.

“If you’re looking to expand your current audience, few tactics can prove more effective than a contest.”

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