How to Write Facebook Posts That Feel More Human

Facebook is continuously making changes and adjustment to the newsfeed and this is to curtail or prevent spam, memes that are copy-paste, and also fake news. Facebook also wants brands to publish posts that have more conversational content which feels more human. This blog sets out to help marketers to achieve the goal of being conversational and human in their facebook posts.

The first thing to do is to post links as if he is a human being, and not as a marketer. When one shares links with friends, he either clicks on the share button on the website or inserts the link into a post. That is what humans do and that is how posts should be. The second is that photos and videos should be posted as a human would, and not like a marketer.

Marketers should give a comment to their videos and photos just as other people do, especially on their status updates. Your photos should be one that tells stories and the descriptions for the photos should be kept absolutely short. The third tip is that content providers should reply to comments as a human does and not as a marketer would do. Other tips are highlighted in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook has been making tweaks to the NewsFeed and it will continue to adjust it in order to reduce spam and prevent fake news.
  • The desire of Facebook towards what brands are publishing is that they should publish posts that are more conversational and that feel more human.
  • When one wants to share links on Facebook to friends, he either uses the share button from the website or create a status update and post the link there.

“Facebook’s Newsfeed favors links posted in the link format. They found that users tend to prefer links posted in this way, rather than links in photo captions or video descriptions.”

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