How to Use the Art of Storytelling in Your Blogging Strategy

In our online world over four million blog posts are published every day. This raises the challenge of how to stand out in a sea of blogger where every imaginable topic has been covered. One is tempted to follow the trend or to create their own technique but which to do becomes a problem. The author states that he knows that everyone loves a good story. A good story cannot be looked over by skimmers who tend to push over everything because they also love a good story when they see one. The author states that realizing this he tries to start every article on his blog with a story that would focus on the pain point of his target audience. He wants them to know and understand that he cares about their problems and is not in the business just to make some money off them. The author recalls when he was a kid and he had to be reminded to eat his vegetables but no one had to tell him to eat the pizza or his ice cream. Pizza and ice cream are what one wants but they might not be good but the vegetables like broccoli are what one really needs to survive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyday about 4 million posts are put on the Internet and many persons wonder how they can stand out in the sea of different covered topics.
  • A good story is what everyone need and even skimmers would not hesitate to read a good story when it comes to their attention.
  • The author states that he catches the attention of his readers in his story but trying to start it with a story that catches their pain point.

“Your readers need practical tips and tricks to make their lives easier and solve a problem.”

Read more: https://www.jeffbullas.com/blog-storytelling/

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