FACEBOOK PREMIERE: Another Way to Build Your Audience

Facebook Premiere An Alternative to Facebook Live

facebook premiere

You’ve got to hand it to Facebook. Despite recent controversies, they keep innovating. Relentless.  They are perpetually rolling out out new initiatives, Facebook Premier being one of them.

So What is Facebook Premier?

It gives marketers the ability to share pre-recorded video content as if it was live. This is ideal for people who are uncomfortable doing Facebook Lives.  As a Premiere user, select your favorite pre-recorded content, then schedule it on Premiere.

The Nuts and Bolts

Facebook lets you schedule a Premiere event up to a week in advance.  Before each event, a placeholder displays so your followers can click and register for notification when the video goes ‘live’.

When the Premiere event ends a Facebook call to action will appear – useful.

After uploading the video, add your Description Title and Tags in the Description area. Watch my video (above) and see how I do it.

Unfortunately, at the present time, you can only run Premieres via your business page. It is not yet available for your Facebook group or personal profile, although you can share it with groups.

If your video has promotional potential, consider boosting it. You can be sure that Facebook will favor your boosted videos in newsfeeds.

Strategy For Facebook Premiere

I like the idea of sharing your selected video with groups (including your own) in advance of the Premiere event. This will help boost organic reach. This, in turn, will attract Likes and Comments. The effect of this will be to create social proof for your video.

Consider going one step further by also linking your Premiere event with a Messenger Chat Bot. The bot can send out reminder messages prior to the event. Further messages can be sent to promote new Premieres that you run in the future.

If you have an email list you should also send an email promoting the Premiere event. Make sure you ask them to Like, Comment and Share.

Bottom line – use whatever means at your disposal to promote the heck out of your Premieres.

After the event run some Facebook Ads to create more social buzz.

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