Facebook Lead Machine – 4 More Ways to Crush It On Facebook

Can you generate leads on Facebook – for free? Yes, you can. I’ve done it many times. In fact, I’ve generated more than 1,000 leads over the last few years. How? Well, I don’t do it by spamming people with crap content. Nor do I annoy the heck out of them on Messenger. In a nushell, I use content to entice people to lean forward and make an inquiry. What type of content? Value-driven content that hits the spot for my target audience. As always, the concept is simple, but the execution of same is tricky.

So, I recorded a short video highlighting a few of the methods I use. Because it was a live broadcast, the visual quality is impaired in the early portion of the video but improves after a few minutes. Check it out…..


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