Facebook Lead Machine – 4 More Ways to Crush It On Facebook

Can you generate leads on Facebook – for free? Yes, you can. I’ve done it many times. In fact, I’ve generated more than 1,000 leads over the last few years. How? Well, I don’t do it by spamming people with crap content. Nor do I annoy the heck out of them on Messenger. In a nushell, I use content to entice people to lean forward and make an inquiry. What type of content? Value-driven content that hits the spot for my target audience. As always, the concept is simple, but the execution of same is tricky.

So, I recorded a short video highlighting a few of the methods I use. Because it was a live broadcast, the visual quality is impaired in the early portion of the video but improves after a few minutes. Check it out…..

****Special Free Offer****

If you are an expert and need more high paying customers the key is to position you as an authority in your niche.  It is NOT about being a mere salesperson.

So, if you want to attract high paying ‘A’ class clients to you like bees to a honeypot, you should talk to me.

I’ve been using these techniques for years in my own business.  Techniques that have enabled me to quit the rat race and travel the world as a digital nomad.

So here is my offer to you……

I will gift you an hour of my time (by phone or Skype) for brainstorming, including specific strategies for expert positioning and client acquisition.  AND I’ll always be focused on skyrocketing your income by showing you how to attract ‘A’ class clients who pay you top dollar.

All at no cost to you.  All I ask for in return is a testimonial and the opportunity to build a valuable relationship.

Results matter, so that will be my focus for you – to give you valuable ideas you can use straight away.

Schedule a Time HERE

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