How to Use Effective Messaging to Attract Your Best Customers


How to Use Laser Targetted Messaging to Attract Highly Profitable Customers

So today I want to talk about messaging.  I’ve written about it before but only as part of a larger article covering a broader topic.

But the subject of messaging is so important I think it very appropriate to shift it to center stage now.

The best messaging talks directly to the reader – they believe that it was written just for them.

I remember a story about messaging when I was running sales teams decades ago.  Every Monday we’d hold a sales meeting, and I would give a talk.  Sometimes the discussion was expansive and enthusiastic, but if sales were down I often administered some tough love in the form of an exhortation for backsliders to lift their game.

I lost count of the number of reps who came up to me afterward, and said ‘Were you talking about me?’  My answer was always the same: ‘maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t!’  Off they went with a perplexed and concerned look on their face (they thought I was picking on them.)

Messaging can be like that.

But the point is that the best messaging should engender a feeling in the minds of your reader that you are talking directly to them.  Ever had that happen to you?  Ever read an article or a blog post that really ‘clicked’ with you?  Say yes.  So now that I’ve got your attention let’s look at some of the key points about this important topic.

What Is Messaging?

Broadly, messaging can be anything you do or produce that your customers or prospective customers will see.  Your product carries an implicit message. Hopefully, it will be a positive message, for sure.

Your team are part of the messaging story.  Every engagement they have with customers and prospects is about messaging.

On it goes.

But for this blog post I want to narrow the focus to one particular messaging platform – your website.

This is because people are now completely sold on the need to visit a company’s website.  It’s the way business is done now.  Quite often the first point of contact people will have with your business will be via your site.

So in answer to the question – what is messaging?  In relation to your website, messaging is this:

  • Your Brand. Including your logo and all of the aesthetic elements that contribute to the visual appeal or otherwise of your website.
  • The Useability and Functionality of Your Website. Answer these questions: Is it easy to navigate? Do your pages load quickly?  Do all of your links work?
  • Your Content.  This is where the rubber hits the road.   Content messaging consists of your text and video based content, as well as supporting images.  Plenty of websites look good and satisfy the functionality requirement.  But the content?  Oh, dear.  Often it’s a case of grit your teeth and ‘count the cliches’.

Because site content is the most important element and because most site content is so mediocre, the rest of this post will be devoted to content messaging.

Why Good Content Messaging Is SO Important

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, yet few businesses get it right.

In its ultimate manifestation, good messaging can take people from being cold, skeptical and cynical to a point where they want to do business with you or your company.  In other words, it will help you generate more leads, customers, and income.

On the other hand, bad messaging will turn people off.  Too many websites are full of bland clichés that consumers are only too well aware of – they see them on your competitors’ sites too.

Good content can also dispel myths and negatives about your type of business while at the same time will educate and build desire. In fact, significant content can act as a catalyst for action – more visitors will take action, and make an inquiry.

So the imperative for you is to break free from the pack of your ‘me-too’ competitors and transform your website into a potent tool that educates, informs, differentiates and builds the desire to a point that visitors will WANT to do business with you. 

Good Design or Good Messaging – Which Is Best?


There is a perennial debate amongst designers and content creators.  Some content creators give short shrift to design; they say that content is king.  On the other hand, many designers appear to be totally clueless about content messaging and (understandably) put most if not all of the emphasis on design.

Here is my take on the topic.

You need both good design and good content to make a website sizzle.

You cannot have one without the other.

When a visitor visits your website, if it is visually appealing a favorable impression will be created.  However if you don’t have compelling content they will click off quickly, never to return.  It’s as simple as that.

So, in a nutshell, good design will create a favorable first impression, but good content will keep visitors on your site for much longer, and – importantly – will exponentially increase your chances of them becoming a lead and doing business with you.  No doubt about it.

The Fundamentals of Good Messaging

People are motivated mainly by three things:

  1. Avoidance of Pain.  If people have a pressing problem, they’ll do just about anything to get some relief.  As marketers, we need to be adept at firstly reminding them of their pain, and then offering them a solution.  Bringing out the pain is more than stating the obvious.  Sometimes you must go further.  You do it by pressing the exposed nerve till they get to the point that they MUST have relief NOW!
  2. Pursuit of Pleasure.  Think of all the money spent on so-called sin products and services.  Talk about the pursuit of pleasure!  But it’s not just about illicit activities – think of travel, a massive industry dedicated to the carnal desires of people who just wanna have fun.
  3. Desire For Gain.  Not all businesses are about pain relief or pleasure enhancement. Some have products or services that offer the potential for gain.  Gain can come in many forms, but is often about making money.

So what business are you in?

Offer a Better Tomorrow.  Whether you’re in the business of giving pain relief (solving a problem), showing them how they can have more pleasure, or how to make more money, in essence, you’re offering people a better tomorrow.  With that thought in mind, if you focus on the core pain points and hot buttons of people in your niche and micro niches (see below), you’re going to clean up, no question.

Identify the Micro Niches and Their Pain Points and Hot Buttons

If your business is typical, your niche is comprised of some micro niches.  If you’re offering ‘pain relief’ each of the niches will have its set of pain points.

I suggest you list the different types of people who buy your product or service, then categorize them according to demographic and other criteria.   Above all, list their hot buttons (what motivates them) and their pain points.

Beside each pain point write your pain relief statement.  It could come in the form of a headline such as ‘How to lose 4 kilos in 30 days without giving up your favorite foods’.

When you’re creating content for your website the idea is to feature the pain while at the same time giving the reader some relief in the form of ‘good news’

An Example

I helped a life coaching business identify one of their micro niches:  fat and unhealthy executives and business owners.

Then I wrote this opening statement for their About Page:

“Thanks for checking in to discover how you can revolutionize your HEALTH and your LIFE, just like me.  
If you’re like a lot of people I talk to, you’re not exactly feeling on top of the world right now. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel because that’s where I was in 2002. Back then I was fat, bloated and unhealthy.  
In fact, things were so bad that I etc. etc. (more pain points).”

From there we segue into a section titled Is This You?, which lists the key pain points for this group of people.  We finish off the section with good news:- ‘Well today, I’ve got good news for you’ etc

By way of comparison, here was the original unimproved opening statement (written by the client):

“Thanks for checking in to discover how you too can revolutionize your HEALTH and your LIFE through my proprietary health system that completely slam dunked my own health into the category of those super healthy elite.”

 A Tip.  When creating copy avoid overly long sentences.  Break up the text into ‘manageable bites’, and remove ALL superfluous words.

6 Techniques to Improve Messaging

  1. Metaphors and Analogies.  Just as herbs and spices add zest to a meal, metaphors will do the same for your content.  Get it? 
  2. Testimonials.  Testimonials from happy customers make a difference.  The best testimonials include a pic of the client, or better still a video of them talking directly to a cam. 
  3. Story Telling.  People love stories; that’s why they watch tv and go to the movies.  Do the same with your content.  Customer stories, product performance stories, case histories, team member stories – they all work.
  4. Good Layout.  If you design your content correctly, it will help encourage site visitors to stay on your site longer and read your content.  Techniques include smaller paragraphs, lots of subheadings, bullet points, etc. 
  5. Pictorial Enhancement.  Use pictures to break up the copy and add visual interest. 
  6. Video.  Much underused by business owners, a video is a very potent way to communicate a message to visitors to your website.  Videos do not have to be slick, Hollywood-style productions – authenticity is more important. 

Examples of Potent Messaging


I look at a lot of websites.  Many of them look good, some even look fantastic.  But when I read the content, often I feel a sense of deflation.

For content messaging to stand out it must hook the reader and keep them riveted, so they keep reading the item.

To give you an idea of how mediocre messaging can be improved, take a look at the following examples:


An Accounting Firm

From This:

You have been operating your business for a number of years now, and you find you mainly focus on the day to day operations and are looking to inject some life into your business.  You have ideas and strategies to achieve this and wish to find the right partner for advice.

To This:

Your company has been operating for years.   It’s doing ok, but you’re fed up with the constant focus on day to day operations.  Like a mouse on a wheel, you’re going nowhere fast and want to spend more time working on your business rather than in it.  You want to take your business to the next level.  But you know that will only happen when you find the right partner for advice, ideas, and a workable action plan.


A Roofing Contractor Business

From This:

We only use highly qualified roofing contractors with QBSA licensing, public liability insurance and follow the strict standards of Public Health and Safety. Our mission with every job is to source the highest quality materials from our manufacturers network and to give you long lasting results that will last for years to come. We provide written guarantee from all suppliers and offer a full five years workmanship warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.

To This:

Why choose us?  Good question.  Like virtually all of our competitors, we only use highly qualified roofing contractors with QBSA licensing.  We also carry public liability insurance and follow the strict standards of Public Health and Safety. 

But here are some other reasons why you should choose us:

5 Year Workmanship Warranty.  If anything goes wrong (and it rarely does), we’ll fix it for you, no problem.

In-House Training and Compliance Program.  We don’t just use any old contractor to work on your roofing job.  We carefully vet each applicant and then train them to our high standards.  Only after they have satisfied our strict requirements will we allow them to work on your property.

We’re On Time.  We guarantee that our men will turn up on time, but if there is a delay, they will call you to keep you in the loop.

We Clean Up.   A lot of tradespeople are messy.  So we will tidy up every day after we finish our work.

Notice how I expanded the original version?  Yes, there is more copy.   More copy is often needed to build a compelling case.  Too many websites lack content.  A paragraph here and there is a lazy approach.  Similar to a lawyer in a courtroom, we have to build a case to win over a skeptical audience.  Relating this to our website if making a case requires plenty of text, so be it.

Spending Money On Ads? Don’t Waste It

Lots of business owners have an ad budget.  Some still use predominately offline media, such as print ads.  But companies are increasingly using online ads to get their message out. Ad platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook have snaffled up billions of dollars in revenue from business that want to get some online action happening.

But here is the problem.

If you’re sending visitors to a typical undifferentiated website, which makes the same old claims in the same old way, your conversions will drop like a stone.

I suggest you put your ads on hold and embark on a messaging audit for your website, as a number 1 priority.

 Your Turn – Time to Comment!

What was your biggest takeout from this post?

If you had your time over again, what would you do differently from a messaging standpoint?

Are you satisfied with the messaging on your site?

Make a comment below!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.  If so, share the love on your fav social media platforms.  I would also love it if you can add a nice comment below.

33 thoughts on “How to Use Effective Messaging to Attract Your Best Customers”

  1. Hi Kim,

    Sensational post! So thorough, so in depth.

    I dig your story telling message because a good message often comes wrapped in a story. All I do is infuse stories into everything I create online. Blog posts, eBooks, audio courses, reviews, everything. Doing so attracts people who dig a good story. And since we’re all pretty much fans of books or movies or TV shows, we buy into stories.

    Well done Kim!


  2. Wow! examples you have spiced up this post with make it very clear. That’s part of your 6 Techniques to Improve Messaging – case studies, right?

    One of the things I’m working on is not to be like others. Sometimes, I get bored because everyone was like copying and pasting no no challenging differences.

    We cannot reinvent the wheels but we can make them better 😉

    I mentioned the three motivations in one of my blog posts. Once we understand why people read blogs, we will make an effort to try to carry a meaning in each and every post we publish.

    See Kim, I was a very bad writer. I started learning these things in 2012 and once I understood the problem solving motivation, I wrote a blog post on my blog that keeps generating income for me till date.

    I identified a problem most wordpress bloggers face. I found the solution and proposed to those in my community. Today, they are happy I helped solve their problem and I get paid for that action.

    Adrienne Smith and Don Purdum are 2 bloggers I have learned a lot from about clearly spelling your message. From design to text, if we don’t know the exact message to pass on, we end up not having a business.

    From this post, I can feel your strength is crafting sales copies that bring result 😉

    Thanks for for another educative post Kim. I hope you are having a wonderful week

    1. Thanks for your great comment here, Enstine!

      And yes you have your own unique way of bringing solutions to problems to your audience. That’s why you’ve got such a loyal following.

      It’s even better when you get paid to solve those problems too!

      Thanks again, mate


  3. Hi Kim,

    Love that you’re talking about the most important issue there is in my opinion when it comes to digital marketing, or even offline marketing.

    In my blog post today I said the following:

    ” A message, in my opinion, is nothing more than having a clear understanding of “what business you’re really in.”

    It’s the answer to “What do you do?” in a way that makes people perk up, take notice and start asking themselves, or you, questions.

    A message defines you and makes you relevant to those who consume your content.

    A message is a window into the soul of your business.

    A message is so compelling that 20% or more of those who consume your content say “OMG, how did you know?” and are inspired to do something with that content.”

    I’ll add Kim that your brand is your message and your message is your brand.

    It’s what people think about you and how they feel about you all at the same time.

    A message is highly relevant and specific and the great messages are those whose content is created for one person, with one problem/need/desire and offers one solution per piece of content.

    On the surface, it seems so simple. But the truth is that it can be complex. Great messages strip complexity and make things simple so that people can take action.

    Thanks again for bringing up a topic that is near and dear to my own heart Kim!

    Have a great week.

    ~ Don

    1. Hey thanks for such an illuminating comment, Don

      You’ve got some pearls of wisdom in there.

      Honing our messaging so it hits the spot with our audience, is an ongoing challenge for all of us in the communications game.

      Thanks Don


  4. Hey Kim,

    Bravo on this post my friend and I know exactly what you mean.

    When I started blogging I was writing in a conversational tone which really helped my reader connect with me and what I was sharing. I had a lot of those aha moments. I think though that I either wasn’t having strong enough calls to actions or being more vague with who I was writing too but once I changed things up it’s made the world of difference.

    I can SO relate to something much more when I feel like they get me. If I’m having an issues and I’m searching for a solution I want to know that the author understands what I’m going through. When that’s conveyed in your content then you’re hooked.

    It’s not always easy to make that switch to a completely different way of writing but as you’ve shared here, it’s what’s needed if you intend to move forward and have much better results.

    Bravo my friend with this topic and I’ll definitely be sharing this one as well. Thank you so much and hope your week has gotten off to a great start.


    1. Thanks for your kind words Adrienne!

      Yes, the challenge is to firstly be acutely aware of the needs or hot buttons of our audience, and then honing a message that scores a bulls eye with the reader every time.

      It’s not always easy but when we get it right, magic happens

      Thanks again, Adrienne


  5. Hey Kim,

    I’m always up for improving my message.

    I really like the first example you gave about the accounting firm. You embellished it with everyday language and gave some detail that conjured up the imagination.

    But when you think about it, you’re dealing with people with specific problems. When you can draw out the emotions and show how you can relate to them, then they will be all ears. When they tell you that it felt like that you were talking directly to them, then that tells you that you’re doing something right.

    Thanks Kim for sharing! Have a great week!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Thanks for your nice comment here. I appreciate it.

      Yes, you’re right. We all have problems so when someone comes along and shows empathy by demonstrating an acute understanding of our situation, they are far more likely to respond.

      It’s common sense really, but too often many of us forget the basics and revert to waffle mode!

      Thanks again, Sherman


  6. Hi Kim!

    I think it’s more important than ever to really structure your message in a way that connects with the reader because our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

    Really there is so much information and content out there that we really have to do something to make ourselves memorable in the eyes of our readers and the best way to do that is to connect with them on a personal level.

    So many bloggers talk to the reader rather than with them, and it almost feels as if you’re reading out of a college textbook. Not only is it boring but you’re never going to be remembered if that sounds like you.

    I like your suggestions because they make the reader break away for a second and think. Suddenly it feels like you’re not being talked to, but talked with. You’re engaged. And that’s good for everyone involved.

    Good message here Kim!

    By the way, I’ve been trying to add your RSS feed to HootSuite but I keep getting an error message saying the feed isn’t validating. Hoping I can get this fixed, I’d really love to have your posts here automatically shared out because they are always so valuable.

    – James McAllister

    1. Hi James

      Yes, you’re right. The priority is to connect with our readers on a personal basis. Ideally, we want them to feel we are talking directly to them, solving one problem at a time.

      For sure there is a vast amount of content out there. But the good news for us as content marketers, is that most of it is mind-numbingly bad even from some who should know better – ad agencies.

      Thanks for the head’s up about the RSS feed problem. I’ll get tech to sort it out

      Thanks for your valuable comment, James. Always a pleasure to read.


  7. Hi Kim,

    You’re right – there are some posts that are so on target with their message to me that it’s amazing.

    For myself I find that these are “pain” type posts rather than “fun” or “make money” – which probably says something about my online journey, which has been rocky to say the least – but I’m getting there!

    I know I need to work on my branding! Being a part-time blogger these things have to fit into their place vs my offline business. It will come in time.

    My biggest mistake when starting out was listening to those who told me that earning money with blogging would be fast and easy. I wish. However, I’m trying to get the message out to those who will listen that there’s a lot more to it than sling up a blog and hope.

    Posts such as yours are an excellent example of what to work towards. Thanks for the tips.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. Hi Joy

      Thanks for your valuable comment

      Yes, you are right. Blogging is not fast, but ultimately it produces solid traffic with a loyal band of followers.

      For network marketers though, it’s a little different. For optimal results, they need to strike a balance between blogging (content creation) and good old fashioned hustling (eg talking to leads on the phone). The hustle part is crucial for two reasons:

      1. It will get them a much faster result, compared to the blog only method
      2. It’s simpler than blogging and therefore, easier to teach.

      Money loves speed so if we can show people a faster way to grow the business they will follow us, like bees to a honey pot.

      When I started blogging I didn’t do it to replace phoning leads, I did it only as a way to build credibility and authority.

      It worked!

      Thanks again Joy


  8. Hi Kim,

    Messaging is certainly key to your entire blog. I guess I’ve always lumped it into the category of personal branding, but as you point out, that certainly is part of it as you describe it.

    I think the most important thing you suggest here is that messaging is not simply a matter of making people want to “buy” or in some other way want to “do business”… but your messaging should specifically encourage them to want to do business “with you.”

    Quick story… I’ll try quick, hehe… I went to plumbing and heating sites because I wanted to hire a furnace guy, or whatever you call them. I saw all kinds of sites and they all sounded the same… we do this, we’re cheap, we’re fast, we’re the best etc etc. But I hired the guy who had a site that made a big deal about how he loved his dog and the dog went everywhere with him, office, truck etc. It was personal, he sounded as good as all the other guys, but he stood out for me and I didn’t just want a heating guy… I wanted to hire THIS guy.

    That’s what I call effective messaging.

    Nice topic, thanks for the though provoking 🙂


    1. Hi Donna

      Thanks for your comment.

      I loved your story about the furnace guy. See what you did? You engaged me with a nice story! That guy was smart by creating a personal narrative about his dog. I bet when you saw it you had an instant liking for him, even though you hadn’t met him yet.

      On my other blog (not this one) I include text and video stories of my travel exploits. People tell me they love those stories, even though the site is not a travel site. Anything we can do to foster more ‘know, like and trust’, has to be a good thing.

      Thanks again, Donna – you rock!


  9. You nailed it as usual Kim!

    And you shared and made so many relevant points, I hardly
    know where to begin!LOL!

    But I really loved your re-write examples, for both the contractor
    and the accounting firm.

    You really made the benefits extremely tangible and easy to grasp! Great job.

    And I also love and totally agree with your excellent advice, about
    putting a temporary halt on spending money on ads, until you know
    for sure, what your message/benefits are and who you’re actually
    trying to reach.

    And you also did a fantastic job of relating the use of spices & herbs, to
    metaphors and analogies!
    Bravo Kim! Great job bud! This is an excellent post and I’ll definitely
    be sharing it!Thanks!

    1. Hey, thanks Mark!

      Yeah, I thought I would include a few before and after examples to show readers simple ways to improve their messaging.

      I also think that perhaps people jump into advertising too soon – if they’re not clear on their audience and the messaging strategy for that audience.

      Thanks so much Mark


  10. Hey Kim, what a blinding killer post mate, so fired up after reading this.

    I’m hearing this all the time in digital marketing today, using effective and powerful messaging is critical for winning more clients, and of course incorporated with great design would create a winning formula right?

    Like Sherman above, I’m also always working on my messaging, or it would seem there’s always something to tweak and change. Hopefully someday I’ll get it right huh?

    I try and explain this to my clients on a weekly basis as well, unfortunately I’ve met many folks online that believe all they need is a super-duper looking website to succeed, which is not true at all.

    My favourite quote is “People ignore design that ignores people”, and that just says it all not just about aesthetic design and usability, but effective messaging and compelling copy and content as well.

    Thanks again mate, have a great weekend – Fabrizio.

    1. Hi Fabrizio

      For sure, I love good design, even though I’m hopeless at doing it myself. But I know what looks good and marvel at the ability of designers to come up with something special and gorgeous.

      As you say striking the balance is the name of the game. By the way, your messaging is mighty good. Your writing style is specific (no waffle), helpful, friendly and warm. Gotta love that!

      Thanks for dropping by – have a good one!

      P.S. I shared your latest post on Linkedin but was unable to tag you

  11. Hi Kim,

    Wow mate what a massive, massive blog post topic.

    Getting our messaging right is so very important and to be honest something its something I struggled with until I finally realized who my target audience really was. But even now I’m not completely happy with what I have.

    Once I knew that I was creating content for beginner interent marketers and bloggers, it was important for me to change many things I had been doing.

    Yes one of the things I did was to follow your suggestion in this post.
    I did a complete “website messaging audit”

    Have I got it right yet? No not yet and it maybe alays a work in progress thing.

    However, as a result of competely changing my “about” page (based on some great suggestions from you I might add) plus adding a “Start Here” page, has resulted in a lot more engagment on my blog.

    Messaging is so important to quickly enable our blog visitors to see who we are, what we stand for, who can we serve and exactly how can we help and serve them.

    And we have very little time to achieve this or we lose that visitor (and maybe a potential customer) forever.

    Hopefully I have avoided the “count the cliches” elements you referred to.

    Interestingly when I changed the design of my blog to simply include a featured image, the number of comments increased. I’m not sure if it was the content or the image but for now I’ll continue with the practice plus I always try to break up my posts with the use of images.

    I love the story telling and the use of analogies appraoch and its something I will be doing a lot more of in future.

    Re story telling I recall one post I did using a story about our Thai village headman as an example of a super afiliate – and this was about a guy who had never ever used a computer in his life! This post got me a heap more comments than normal.

    By the way I really enjoyed your roofing contractor example of powerful messaging.
    Awesome stuff!

    As always thanks for your refreshing approach to this important topic Kim.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


    1. Great to see your progress, Peter!

      Adding a Start Here page is a terrific idea – I should do that!

      You tell stories very well, Peter. I recall one about the guy in your village who marshalled support from various people to get the council to do so much needed work (or somethubg ike that)

      It’s funny how we remember stories long after we’ve forgotten the facts and figures

      Great comments here, Peter

      Thanks again

      The Digital Nomad

  12. Hey Kim,

    Messaging is the most important thing which attracts you customers to come up to you and get what ever the searching for.
    I liked the way you have described these skillful and useful facts that will make a huge difference if used in a good manner.
    The examples you have used are very actual and lively.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hi Jenie,

      Thanks for dropping by!

      And thanks for your comment too. Yes, you’re right messaging is the key to doing business. If we get it right and talk directly with people and help solve their problems, one at a time, they’ll feel almost feel compelled to do business with us

      Thanks again Jenie


  13. Great tips for attracting the people who you are looking for.

    I totally agree that both good design and message is super important.

    I’m just getting started in the blogging world, so knowing how to get the right clients is very valuable to me.

    Thanks Kim!

    1. Hi Eli

      Thanks for dropping by

      Good luck on your new journey. Blogging is definitely one of my favorite activities. If you can make money from it too, all to the good

      Thanks for your comment


  14. Great work done by you Kim.. when messages are aye catcher the it sure that your customer will be attracted and it will help and give a boost to Business.
    Thanks for sharing this informative post!!

  15. Hey Kim,

    I am a regular visitor of your blogs and posts.

    Nice posts..Have followed these in my life and business.Seeing it working towards +ve results.

    A wonderful article with practical touch and examples…

    Keep Posting….

  16. Hey Kim,

    I am seeing this post as very effective for me. Gone through the stuff, I see it is explained in better way and effectively….

    Keep posting such good information….

  17. Hi Kim,

    This is very nice post to use attractive massages for costumers and I also follow this..

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post..

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