Creating a Persona for Your Social Media Campaign

Creating a persona that represents your social media presence can be done by adequately evaluating your best customer’s persona. It is important to look at their demographics and social signals that they best respond to in order to create a persona that will generate the same engagement in the future. For instance, narrowing down qualities such as what they look like and what they like to wear can give you an idea of which marketing tactics will work towards consumers like them in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • It has been found that for one to be successful in social media marketing, one should endeavor to create a persona in the marketing effort.
  • A persona consists of a description and a detailed one of the person the business is marketing to and it involves much more than just demographics.
  • To be able to create a good persona, one needs to go through the sales history of his company and try to find out who is their best customer.

“Since different people have varying experiences, using ideas from a group of people is helpful.”

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