Brett McFall Australia Review

Brett McFall Is a Born Salesman – But Can He Help You?

brett mcfall Review

Claim to Fame:

Brett McFall is an Australian internet marketing guru.  He has built a large following amongst opportunity seekers and small business owners in his home country and beyond.

Income Sources:

So how does Brett make his money?  Pretty simple.  He makes it from showing his followers how to make money!

He does that in a variety of ways including

  • Book Sales.  One of his books is called How to Make Money Whilst You Sleep.  In reality, his books are lead in offers for his sales funnel.
  • Seminars.  The real action starts with his seminar program.  He often runs free or almost free seminars so people can learn more about marketing strategies for small business owners.  From there he upsells attendees into his various training programs and products.
  • Consulting and Mentoring.   Personal mentoring and group mentoring packages completes his portfolio of training programs.

Here is my mini review video about Brett McFall:

What I Like About Brett McFall:

Brett is a brilliant marketer and self-promoter.  Few people in his industry are better than him.  If you attend one of his free events, you will pick up some good basic marketing information.

Even though most people who purchase these types of programs fail, Brett McFall can point to many of his former students who have benefited from his guidance and tutelage. He has given many people the confidence and know-how to set up their own internet business.

As stated, he is a brilliant salesman – the sort of guy who could sell ice cream to eskimos.  He’s a genius at getting people excited which of course leads to many of them buying his training programs.

But the real question is this: Can average small business owners implement what they learn?    Read the next section for the answer.

What I Don’t Like About Brett McFall:

First up, his smarmy delivery style can be grating.  For me, he is too slick and manipulative He seems to lack soul and authenticity.

Because he pitches to the bum end of the biz opportunity and make money market he attracts all manner of misfits. These are the people with the lottery mentality.  They want to make plenty of money but lack the discipline and persistence to see it through.

Compounding the problem is McFall himself.  Because he is so good at selling himself and getting people excited about the potential to make a lot of money (by using his strategies), expectations are often inflated to unrealistically high levels.

Many who attend his seminars don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in their collective bodies.  As a consequence they have zero feel for sales and marketing.  Although a few of these people become successful by virtue of their dogged persistence, most give up and quit.  So, the failure rate is extraordinarily high in the make money training industry.

A potentially lethal cocktail is in play here.  A brilliant marketer who can sell his socks off to anyone who will listen.  Add to the mix the problems associated with the make money industry (attracting lots of misfits), and you have a potential problem with disgruntled students who didn’t make a cent but spent a bunch of money to learn from a guru.

The upshot is the harsh reality that there will always be a percentage of people with an axe to grind who will delight in venting their spleen on internet forums and the like.

So the potential for aggrieved customer situations is high, which in turn can lead to adverse publicity and scrutiny.   


Brett McFall Mini Review – The Wrap Up

There you have it.  A brief summary of the key points about Brett McFall.  To get a better understanding of Brett, watch my video (above).

Is Brett McFall a scam?  Some say yes, but on balance he is not.  If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can learn a lot from Brett McFall.






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    Great to hear about Brett McFall, internet marketing guru. Thanks for meeting a great personality through this wonderful blog post. He is a person, beautifully explain to make money online very easily. As a blogger, I love connecting with people, who experienced and expert in blogging era. I know they are the most useful to share and explain the best marketing strategy to grow your business very soon.

    To make your online business successful and huge sources of earning money, you must need to follow such guys who have a great knowledge on marketing. I’m grateful to read such famous Australian guy, knows internet marketing very well.

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