8 Video Marketing Mistakes That Are Killing Your Sales

Video marketing is a great tool to get people talking. However, like all other tools, it must be used carefully. Common video marketing mistakes is not getting to the point, or creating overly-long videos, because people have very short attention spans. Another common mistake is selling too hard; people do not like to be talked at or feel pushed. Not using video analytics is also a common mistake because they can be used to your advantage. Other forms of mistakes include using clickbait, putting selling points to the end of the video, or even not using a call-to-action, because many people like to know what to do with all of the information they’re being presented with.

Key Takeaways:

  • Video is very powerful in marketing because it plays an important role in marketing and is one of the best ways of engaging with potential customers.
  • There are many tools in marketing and one of them is video marketing and for the tool to be effective, it has to be used right.
  • The human attention span is estimated to be at around 8 seconds, so when creating a video you cannot waste valuable time.

“However, many marketers don’t understand that this approach is a little bit more complicated than simply shooting a video and making it available on the Internet.”

Read more: https://www.jeffbullas.com/video-marketing-mistakes/

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