5 Fundamental Flaws With Your Brand Messaging (And Ways To Fix Them)

Storytelling about your brand has to cover many different areas, including your products/services, your brand’s values, and history and your employees. Nike is a great example of a brand with consistently high-quality storytelling and is a great model for how you can use your brand’s narrative to its utmost. It is also very important to use personas and other tools to really understand the different elements of your audience and tailor your messaging carefully. You should also put lots of work into your brand voice, including logos and slogans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people have come to realize that storytelling is an art that has to be taken seriously especially when it involves telling stories about a brand.
  • Some of the details that should be incorporated into a brand message are what the company does, beliefs that determine brand strategy, and what makes the brand unique.
  • It is a little tricky to work with multiple content creators for a brand because each brings his own ‘take’ to the content creation table.

“The brand always comes up something so compelling that the audience can’t help but connect instantly with the brand. With their brand messaging they have always strived to induce some kind of positive change in their audience’s mindset.”

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