3 Reasons to Require Verified Opt-In for your Email Newsletter

When one wants to undertake online fundraising, he should consider the email list strategy as the lifeblood of the event. The email list can help the fundraisers to convert and retain donors, grow their base of volunteers, and keep their supporters informed. In order to make the email newsletter successful, one has to ensure that the list quality is high. List quality refers to the people who have given their permission to be added to an email list. That is why a verified opt-in is always done. This is a link inserted in an email that requires the recipient to click on the link in order to be added to an email list. This ensures that the people on your email list are actual humans with verified email accounts and not robots. The author lists some of the reasons for using verified opt-in. The first is that it makes sure that the email list is a qualitative one. Only people who are interested in you and your product or services get to enter into your email list. The second is that it saves money and time. And the third is that it increases the deliverability of the email that you send.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many persons create email lists for several reasons but they should realize that their email lists is the lifeblood of every fund raising event.
  • Some of the benefits of email lists when raising funds is that it is the best channel for converting donors and growing the volunteer base of the event.
  • For one to get the best results from his email list, the list quality or the number of people who allowed you to add them, is essential.

“Without verifying permission, you risk negatively impacting your delivery rates. Spam complaints, bounces, combined with low open rates and clicks can negatively impact your delivery rates.”

Read more: https://www.johnhaydon.com/verified-opt-in-email-newsletter/

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