10 Ideas for Raising Awareness on a Budget

Many people get confused when they are asked either to raise awareness, do public outreach, attract the attention of the media, or to go viral. They begin to break out in a sweat. The author has written this blog piece to help them achieve all these. In a webinar that the author hosted on ways to raise awareness, some of the most favorite points that were important to participants are the following.

First, one has to host educational events. An educational event that can help people learn something that they can use in their life while at the same time you teach them about your cause.  It’s very important for participants to take this approach as it raises awareness. The second most important is to host social events. Give people a reason why they should get together as a way to share fun and relax and then while they are doing so, put in a word or two about your cause. The third way to raise awareness is to organize a service project. Create a special volunteer day that is related to your cause and then encourage volunteers to participate. These were some ideas for raising awareness about causes that participants found more useful. Other ideas are contained in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people are completely confused and flummoxed when they are asked to either do some public outreach or raise awareness for a product.
  • One way to raise awareness is by hosting an educational event where people get the chance to learn something useful about their lives and the product.
  • Make it fun by hosting a social event where people relax and enjoy themselves then chip in some information about your social cause.

“We hosted a webinar sharing different ways to raise awareness, then polled the participants on their favorites.”

Read more: https://www.johnhaydon.com/raising-awareness-on-a-budget/

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